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DC Comics Ties Event Storylines Into October Annuals

DC Comics Ties Event Storylines Into October Annuals

DC Comics has announced its Annuals for October, including tie-in issues to family events like Green Lantern's "Lights Out!," Superman's "Krypton Returns" and "Teen Titans'" Superboy origins mystery.

Venditti Turns

Venditti Turns "Lights Out" on Green Lantern Corps

"Green Lantern" and "Green Lantern Corps" writer Robert Venditti discussed "Lights Out," the upcoming GL Universe crossover and the dangers posed by "the next major Green Lantern villain," Relic.


Venditti's "Green Lantern" Faces Off Against Relic, DC Villains Month

With his first issue of "Green Lantern" on sale, writer Robert Venditti talks to CBR News about the new Green Lantern Corps recruits, Relic and plans for his DC Villains Month one-shot.

Jordan Guides Kyle Rayner's Path in

Jordan Guides Kyle Rayner's Path in "Green Lantern: New Guardians"

"Green Lantern: New Guardians" writer Justin Jordan told CBR he has no plans revert Kyle Rayner from White Lantern to Green and how Kyle's unique viewpoint colors his approach to dealing with new villain Relic.

"Green Lantern" Uncovers Relic In New Variant Covers

A new series of black-and-white variant covers by Rags Morales will debut the origins of incoming "Green Lantern" villain Relic before being completed as interior art for new writer Robert Venditti's September issue.