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REVIEW: Morrison & Sprouse's

REVIEW: Morrison & Sprouse's "The Multiversity: The Society of Super-Heroes: Conquerors of the Counter-World" #1

Grant Morrison & Chris Sprouse put together "one of the multiverse's most entertaining comics" with the latest chapter of "The Multiversity."

REVIEW: Hickman Takes

REVIEW: Hickman Takes "Avengers" #35 Eight Months Later

Jonathan Hickman and a cavalcade of artists take readers and characters on a long journey into the unknown in "Avengers" #35.

REVIEW: Latour & Rodriguez Bring Spider-Gwen to

REVIEW: Latour & Rodriguez Bring Spider-Gwen to "Edge of Spider-Verse" #2

Jason Latour & Robbi Rodriguez give new life to Gwen Stacy in "Edge of Spider-Verse" #2 with "everything that you didn't know you wanted in a Spider-book."

Last Week's Comics Reviewed:

Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "Copperhead," "Lazarus," "Hawkeye" & Tomorrow

The aim is true for the 5-star "Hawkeye" #20" while Image Comics scores big with "Lazarus" and the debut issue of "Copperhead."

REVIEW: DeConnick & Takara's

REVIEW: DeConnick & Takara's "Captain Marvel" #7

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Marcio Takara's "Captain Marvel" #7 is "the sort of space adventure that starts with breakfast and ends with angry cats."

REVIEW: Rucka & Lark's

REVIEW: Rucka & Lark's "Lazarus" #11

Greg Rucka & Michael Lark deliver "another pitch-perfect, phenomenal issue" with "Lazarus" #11, "a joy and a terror to read."

REVIEW: Soule & McNiven's

REVIEW: Soule & McNiven's "Death of Wolverine" #2

Charles Soule & Steve McNiven's "Death of Wolverine" #2 is an "effective and graceful" second issue continuing the "thoughtful finale" event series.

ADVANCE REVIEW: Snyder & Jock's

ADVANCE REVIEW: Snyder & Jock's "Wytches" #1 "Will Horrify Readers on Every Level"

Scott Snyder & Jock's impressive "Wytches" #1 is "outlandish and grotesque and alarmingly intimate in the way it dishes out horror."

REVIEW: Snyder, Fawkes & Aco's

REVIEW: Snyder, Fawkes & Aco's "Batman: Futures End" #1

Ray Fawkes, Scott Snyder & Aco's "Batman: Futures End" #1 "succeeds the same way some of the better "Elseworlds" comics did back in the day."

REVIEW: Faerber & Godlewski's

REVIEW: Faerber & Godlewski's "Copperhead" #1

Jay Faerber and Scott Godlewski's "Copperhead" #1 is "a rock solid first issue" that creates a new fantastic series with a western twist.

REVIEW: Scott Snyder & Jim Lee's

REVIEW: Scott Snyder & Jim Lee's "Superman Unchained" #8

"Superman Unchained" #8 is "a bombastic Superman story and a rollicking fun adventure" serving as the penultimate issue by Scott Snyder & Jim Lee.

5-STAR REVIEW: Fraction & Wu's

5-STAR REVIEW: Fraction & Wu's "Hawkeye" #20

Matt Fraction and Annie Wu craft an incredible experience with "Hawkeye" #20, bringing an end to Kate Bishop's time in Los Angeles.

REVIEW: Morrison & Irving's

REVIEW: Morrison & Irving's "Annihilator" #1

Grant Morrison and Frazer Irving's "Annihilator" #1 has a lot of potential, serving as a springboard for the creative team's latest epic.

Last Week's Comics Reviewed:

Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "Futures End," "Doctor Mirage" & More

DC Comics' "Futures End" event month kicks off with strong entries like "Grayson" & "Swamp Thing" while Valiant and Image each have near perfect #1s.

REVIEW: King, Seeley & Mooney's

REVIEW: King, Seeley & Mooney's "Grayson: Futures End" #1

Tom King, Tim Seeley and Stephen Mooney's "Grayson: Futures End" #1 is "well worth the read in its genuine chemistry, character-revealing moments and tight plotting."

REVIEW: Edmondson & Noto's

REVIEW: Edmondson & Noto's "Black Widow" #10

Nathan Edmondson & Phil Noto's "Black Widow" #10 is "a fantastic example of the smart, understated work" inherent in the series' run.

REVIEW: Ryan Browne's

REVIEW: Ryan Browne's "God Hates Astronauts" #1

Ryan Browne's "God Hates Astronauts" #1 is a strong debut issue, and "absolutely crazy in the best ways possible."

REVIEW: Soule & Pulido's

REVIEW: Soule & Pulido's "She-Hulk" #8

Charles Soule and Javier Pulido's "She-Hulk" #8 is a "smooth, very enjoyable opening to a new story arc."

5-STAR REVIEW: Soule & Saiz's

5-STAR REVIEW: Soule & Saiz's "Swamp Thing: Futures End" #1

Charles Soule and Jesus Saiz's "Swamp Thing: Futures End" #1 is "a pure winner," and stands alone as one of the best event tie-ins yet.

REVIEW: Wood & Smallwood's

REVIEW: Wood & Smallwood's "Moon Knight" #7

Brian Wood and Greg Smallwood pick up as the new creative team in "Moon Knight" #7, delivering "an enjoyable, nearly definitive introduction to Moon Knight."

REVIEW: Milligan & Fernandez's

REVIEW: Milligan & Fernandez's "The Names" #1

Peter Milligan and Leandro Fernandez's "The Names" #1 "defies comparison," detailing the opening chapter to an intense mystery of finance and revenge.

Last Week's Comics Reviewed:

Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "All-Star Western," "All-New X-Men" Hit High Notes

Palmiotti & Gray's "All-Star Western" rides off into the sunset with 5 stars, while "All-New X-Men," and debuts for "Wayward" & "Bob's Burgers" impress.

ADVANCE REVIEW: Soule & McNiven's

ADVANCE REVIEW: Soule & McNiven's "Death of Wolverine" #1

Charles Soule and Steve McNiven deliver a "well written, wonderfully drawn" debut issue for Marvel's "Death of Wolverine."

REVIEW: Zub, Cummings & Rauch's

REVIEW: Zub, Cummings & Rauch's "Wayward" #1

Jim Zub, Steve Cummings & John Rauch deliver "a fantastical 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'-meets-Studio Ghibli film with an R-rated twist" in "Wayward" #1.

REVIEW: Dynamite's

REVIEW: Dynamite's "Bob's Burgers" #1

With a creative team drawn from the animated series, "Bob's Burgers" #1 is "a great start" to the ongoing comic book adventures from Dynamite.

REVIEW: Bendis & Asrar's

REVIEW: Bendis & Asrar's "All-New X-Men" #31

Brian Michael Bendis and Mahmud Asrar's "All-New X-Men" #31 delivers an impressive issue filled with "chemistry and humor" between characters.

5-STAR REVIEW: Palmiotti, Gray & Cooke Conclude

5-STAR REVIEW: Palmiotti, Gray & Cooke Conclude "All-Star Western"

Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray & Darwyn Cooke deliver an incredible series conclusion with "All-Star Western" #34, sending Jonah Hex into the sunset.

REVIEW: Vaughan & Staples'

REVIEW: Vaughan & Staples' "Saga" #22

Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples continue their excellent run with "Saga" #22, which delivers "everything you hope for, and then a little bit more to boot."


REVIEW: "The Walking Dead: Season 2 - No Going Back" Lives Up To Its Name

Telltale's final episode of "The Walking Dead: Season 2" is an emotionally gut-wrenching piece of art that lives up to its name of "No Going Back."

Last Week's Comics Reviewed: 3 Books Score Perfect Marks

Last Week's Comics Reviewed: 3 Books Score Perfect Marks

Image's "The Fade Out," Valiant's "The Deliquents" & DC's "The Multiversity" all receive 5 stars while "Ms. Marvel," "Daredevil" & more stay on track.

REVIEW: Blackman & Del Mundo's

REVIEW: Blackman & Del Mundo's "Elektra" #5

W. Haden Blackman and Michael Del Mundo's "Elektra" #5 has an "energy and precisions" that elevates it to one of the best issues yet of the series.


REVIEW: "Dark Horse Presents" #1 "Delivers Yet Again"

"Dark Horse Presents" #1 features Geof Darrow, David Mack & more, holding its place as "one of the best anthology titles published this decade."

5-STAR REVIEW: Asmus, Van Lente & Kano's

5-STAR REVIEW: Asmus, Van Lente & Kano's "The Delinquents" #1

James Asmus, Fred Van Lente & Kano's "The Delinquents" #1 impresses with an issue that perfectly "blends humor and action, adventure and fun."


REVIEW: "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" Is Dead-On Miller Noir, But Sometimes Muddies Its Black & White World

The long-awaited second collaboration between Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller frequently hits the target, but occasionally stumbles in its own pitch-blackness.

5-STAR REVIEW: Morrison, Reis & Prado's

5-STAR REVIEW: Morrison, Reis & Prado's "The Multiversity" #1

Grant Morrison, Ivan Reis & Joe Prado deliver a debut "worthy of study and reflection, re-reading and replication" with "The Multiversity" #1.

5-STAR REVIEW: Brubaker & Phillips'

5-STAR REVIEW: Brubaker & Phillips' "The Fade Out" #1

Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips' debut issue of "The Fade Out" has "careful attention to detail and craft that quickly becomes a hallmark of the issue."

Last Week's Comics Reviewed:

Last Week's Comics Reviewed: "Sex Criminals," "Shutter" Close to the Top

Image Comics wins over reviewers with their latest issues while other titles such as "Hexed" and "Batman Eternal" get high marks.

ADV. REVIEW: Gillen & McKelvie's

ADV. REVIEW: Gillen & McKelvie's "The Wicked + The Divine" #3

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie deliver another impressive issue with "The Wicked + The Divine" #3, "a religious experience in and of itself."

REVIEW: Fraction & Zdarksy's

REVIEW: Fraction & Zdarksy's "Sex Criminals" #7

Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky's "Sex Criminals" #7 is "another big success," creating an "inventive and funny" issue that continues the series' run.

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