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Kindt Gets Existential with

Kindt Gets Existential with "Frankenstein"

Starting in June, DC's "Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E." welcomes Matt Kindt as its new writer, and he tells CBR about his connection to the monster, his genre mash-up style, and more.

Kindt Fires His

Kindt Fires His "Revolver"

Writer/artist Matt Kindt provided insight into his new Vertigo graphic novel "Revolver" and teased details about four other titles he's working on including a follow-up to his critically acclaimed "Super Spy."

Matt Kindt: Superspy

Matt Kindt: Superspy

Matt Kindt, the cartoonist behind "Super Spy: Lost Dossiers," spoke with CBR News about the new graphic novel, his philosophy on book design working with story, his upcoming Vertigo graphic novel "Revolver" and more.