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PREVIEW: Marvel UK Returns in

PREVIEW: Marvel UK Returns in "Revolutionary War: Alpha" #1

Fan-favorite Marvel UK characters return in 2014's "Revolutionary War." Check out a preview of the first issue by Andy Lanning, Alan Cowsill & Rich Elson.

Keatinge Leaves

Keatinge Leaves "Glory," Returns With "Hell Yeah" in 2013

Writer Joe Keatinge discusses his second arc on the creator-owned "Hell Yeah," the end of his run on Image Comics' "Glory," his first Marvel work and the importance of kicking ass.

Keatinge Drinks the Blood of Brooklyn in

Keatinge Drinks the Blood of Brooklyn in "Morbius"

In "Morbius: The Living Vampire" #1, the fugitive vampire took refuge in a crime plagued Brooklyn neighborhood. CBR spoke with writer Joe Keatinge about the issue's fallout and his plans for the series.

Slott Initiates Doc Ock's Final Scheme in

Slott Initiates Doc Ock's Final Scheme in "Amazing Spider-Man"

In "Amazing Spider-Man" #698, writer Dan Slott kicked off the series' final arc with some big surprises. We spoke with him about the events of the issue and what they mean for the rivalry between Spidey and Doc Ock.


REVIEW: "Amazing Spider-Man" #698

Doug Zawisza gives "Amazing Spider-Man" #698 4 stars, saying Dan Slott and Richard Elson have crafted an issue with "solid story, good art, classic comic book plots and subplots, brash villains and a solid adventure."

Slott Fulfills a

Slott Fulfills a "Dying Wish" in "Amazing Spider-Man"

CBR News spoke with writer Dan Slott about his final"Amazing Spider-Man" arc, "Dying Wish," and "Superior Spider-Man," a new title that spins out of the aftermath of December's "ASM" #700.

Abnett on

Abnett on "Sinister Dexter" and 35 Years of "2000 AD"

Writer Dan Abnett talks about his enormous "2000 AD" output over the past two decades, his favorite thrills to write, what makes Pat Mills special, and the next chapter of "Sinister Dexter."

Marvel Cancels

Marvel Cancels "Thanos: Son of Titan" #1

Marvel Comics' most recent Marvel Mailer retailer update lists the upcoming "Thanos: Son of Titan" #1 by Joe Keatinge and Richard Elson as cancelled. Update: Marvel's Stephen Wacker clarifies cancellation.

Keatinge Delivers

Keatinge Delivers "Thanos: Son of Titan"

Writer Joe Keatinge explains his take on the upcoming "Thanos: Son of Titan" origin story to CBR, his personal stake in the character and what readers can expect from the series.

Joe Keatinge & Richard Elson Craft

Joe Keatinge & Richard Elson Craft "Thanos: Son of Titan"

Marvel Comics has announced a new mini series focusing on the origins of movie star villain Thanos with "Son of Titan" which will debut in October from creators Joe Keatinge and Richard Elson.