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CCI: Cooke

CCI: Cooke "Scores" with "Richard Stark's Parker"

Writer/artist Darwyn Cooke hosted a lively discussion on his best-selling "Parker" GN series for IDW, including Bruce Timm's thoughts on "The Score," plus teases the franchise's future.

LBCC: Darwyn Cooke Talks About

LBCC: Darwyn Cooke Talks About "Parker"

Artist Darwyn Cooke spoke with fans at Long Beach Comic Con, openly discussing his work on the "Parker" comic book series for IDW, offering advice on how to adapt novels to comics and teasing future projects.

NYCC: Spotlight on Darwyn Cooke

NYCC: Spotlight on Darwyn Cooke

Despite a huge audience, Darwyn Cooke's New York Comic Con spotlight panel had an intimate feel to it as the artist of "Parker: The Outfit" spoke about his work, career and the relationships behind them.

Darwyn Cooke Nails

Darwyn Cooke Nails "The Outfit"

Eisner Award-winning creator Darwyn Cooke spoke with CBR about his latest Richard Stark adaptation, "The Outfit," why he feels Parker creator Donald Westlake would approve of the changes he made to the story and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Darwyn Cooke to Appear at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

PRESS RELEASE: IDW to Reprint Darwyn Cooke's "The Hunter"

Pipeline - 6/2/2009

Pipeline - 6/2/2009

IDW and writer/artist Darwyn Cooke's long-awaited graphic adaptation of Richard Stark's first 'Parker' novel will be out next month. "The Hunter" is comic book noir at its finest, and Augie has your first review of it.

CCI: Darwyn Cooke on the

CCI: Darwyn Cooke on the "Parker" Graphic Novels

Darwyn Cooke will be adapting Donald Westlake's "Parker" series of crime novels as original graphic novels, IDW announced Wednesday night at Comic-Con. We caught up with Cooke to discuss the project.