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COMIC REEL: Whedon On "Avengers'" Global Impact; "Flash's" Justice League Easter Egg

The "Age of Ultron" director discusses getting a different perspective on the super team; "Flash" production designer on the big League shout out & more.

"Richie Rich" Live-Action Series Headed to Netflix

The poor little rich boy will return to live-action with a 21-episode Netflix-exclusive series debuting on Netflix in early 2015.

PRESS RELEASE: Ape Entertainment and iVerse Media bring "Richie Rich" to Digital Comics

Enter Ernie Colón's

Enter Ernie Colón's "Inner Sanctum"

Ernie Colón discusses his horror-themed "Inner Sanctum," working with the late Dwayne McDuffie and his regret over not having more control over the fate of DC Comics' Amethyst. Plus, a full "Inner Sanctum" story.

PRESS RELEASE: "Richie Rich" #1 is Gold

PRESS RELEASE: Richie Rich® Creative Teams Announced

NYCC: Ape Entertainment Brings Richie Rich Back to Comics

NYCC: Ape Entertainment Brings Richie Rich Back to Comics

Ape Entertainment has announced at NYCC that they will be be reimagining the classic Harvey Comics character Richie Rich, updating him for modern audiences.