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Shelf Life - 1/29/2015

Shelf Life - 1/29/2015

This week, Ron Marz writes about an aspect of creating comics that's not often discussed -- custom comics, including his current project for Panasonic.

David Embroils

David Embroils "Spider-Man 2099" in the Chaos of "Spider-Verse"

Peter David talks about his "Spider-Verse" tie-in arc, which plunges the title character and "every Spider-Man ever" into a dimension hopping war.

EXCLUSIVE: The Question, Stephanie Brown Feature in DC's

EXCLUSIVE: The Question, Stephanie Brown Feature in DC's "Convergence" Miniseries

DC has announced 10 new "Convergence" miniseries including "The Question," "Batgirl" "Justlice League" and more. CBR has exclusive art!

NYCC: Marvel's X-Men and the Shifting Face of Mutantkind

NYCC: Marvel's X-Men and the Shifting Face of Mutantkind

X-Men creators Chris Claremont, Walt & Louise Simonson, Len Wein and more recount their time with Marvel's mutants and the birth of the crossover.


Eisner-Nominated "Watson and Holmes" Returns for More Mysteries

"Watson and Holmes" takes to Kickstarter for Vol. 2, and co-creators Brandon Perlow and Paul Mendoza reveal what to expect from the title's return.

Shelf Life - 5/9/2014

Shelf Life - 5/9/2014

Ron reveals a very personal story he wrote about his father's life, war-time experiences and death from pancreatic cancer. Plus exclusive Rick Leonardi art.

EXCLUSIVE: Leonardi Covers

EXCLUSIVE: Leonardi Covers "Spider-Man 2099" #1

Marvel has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at a "Spider-Man 2099" #1 variant cover by the series' co-creator Rick Leonardi.


David's "Spider-Man 2099" Fights to Reshape the Future

Peter David returns to "Spider-Man 2099" in a new ongoing series that finds Miguel O'Hara stranded in the present and trying to change Marvel's future.

Comics A.M. -

Comics A.M. - "Dragon Ball" Creator to Launch New Manga in July

Akira Toriyama's "Ginga Patrol Jaka" debuts July 13 in "Weekly Shonen Jump"! Interviews with Carol Tyler, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, Gerard Way, and Rick Leonardi! Plus much more!

Comics A.M. -

Comics A.M. - "Digital Is the Newsstand of Yesteryear"

Digital comics aren't devouring print -- they're enhancing it! It's past time for Hollywood to make a black superhero movie! Interviews with Dean Haspiel, Rick Leonardi and Dan Jurgens! Plus more!

12-Gauge Takes A Joyride In

12-Gauge Takes A Joyride In "The Ride: Southern Gothic"

Rom Marz, Jody LeHeup and Keven Gardner spoke with CBR News about "The Ride: Southern Gothic," the latest installment of 12-Gauge's series of car chases, sex and lots of violence -- this time with a southern twist.

Shelf Life - 7/27/2012

Shelf Life - 7/27/2012

In the aftermath of last week's Aurora shooting tragedy, Ron does some soul-searching over the violence found in his own work.

PRESS RELEASE: "Aliens Vs. Predator: Three World War" Sells Out


REVIEW: "Superman" #712

Greg McElhatton gave "Superman" #712 4 stars, calling the fill-in story by Kurt Busiek, Rick Leonardi and Jonathan SIbal "an excellent comic."


PREVIEW: "Darth Vader & the Lost Command"

Courtesy of Dark Horse, CBR presents a preview of "Darth Vader and the Lost Command" #1, by Haden Blackman and Rick Leonardi. The 2-issue mini starring the Dark Lord of the Sith debuts January 26.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Aliens vs. Predator: Three World War" #4

Courtesy of Dark Horse, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Aliens vs. Predator: Three World War" #3 by Randy Stradley and Rick Leonardi. The issue hits stores May 19.

PRESS RELEASE: DC's "Vigilante" to be an ongoing series

WW Philly: A View From The Floor

WW Philly: A View From The Floor

From what attractions drew the biggest crowds to what projects creators are working up, CBR has the full scoop on comings and goings at Wizard World in Philadelphia last weekend.