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"Bushido" Brings Vampire Samurais to Print in October

Rob Levin discusses the inspiration and influences behind his and artist Jessada Sutthi's vampire versus Samurai tale "Bushido," which makes the jump from digital to print throughout October.

PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow & Heroes and Villains Offer $1 Digital "Bushido" #1, Print Edition in October

CBR TV: Bill Paxton Carves

CBR TV: Bill Paxton Carves "Seven Holes For Air" Graphic Novel

Actor/Director Bill Paxton visited CBR at New York Comic Con to talk about producing his first graphic novel, "Seven Holes For Air," his comic book history, and "All You Need is Kill."

PRESS RELEASE: Mandalay, Heroes & Villains and Top Cow Bring "Bushido" to Big Screen

PRESS RELEASE: Fialkov & Levin Host Workshops at Long Beach Comic Expo


Exploring "Netherworld" With Levin & Hill

Rob Levin and Bryan Edward Hill team up with Heroes And Villains Entertainment, Top Cow and artist Tony Shasteen to accompany readers to "Netherworld" for a horror-tinged private eye story set in a sunless city.

PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow's Netherworld Contest Offers Rare Opportunity for Artists to Be Found

PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow and Heroes and Villains Entertainment Announce "Netherworld"

PRESS RELEASE: Polls Open For Top Cow's "Pilot Season" 2010


PREVIEWS: "Hotwire: Deep Cut" & "Abattoir"

Courtesy of Radical Comics, CBR presents exclusive previews of "Abattoir" #1 and Steve Pugh's "Hotwire: Deep Cut" #2, both on sale this Wednesday, October 27.

PRESS RELEASE: Get Published with Radical

PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow's "Pilot Season" 2010 Signing Tour

Hill & Levin Open

Hill & Levin Open "Pandora's Box" For Inspiration

The co-writers of Top Cow's currently running miniseries discuss the various comic books, films and other works of popular culture that inform their writing process on "Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box."

Rob Levin Casts The Darkness Into

Rob Levin Casts The Darkness Into "Shadows and Flame"

The writer behind the upcoming "Darkness" one-shot speaks with CBR News about bringing the chaotic force into the late 19th century, the influences of H.P. Lovecraft and more.



Our Top Cow spotlight continues with Vice President of Editorial Rob Levin, who talks to CBR News about his history with the company, developing Pilot Season, editing "Madame Mirage," and what's next for the Cow.

VIDEO: Levin & Sablik Talk Top Cow's Pilot Season Plans

VIDEO: Levin & Sablik Talk Top Cow's Pilot Season Plans

In the latest CBR Boat Show video interview, Top Cow's Rob Levin and Filip Sablik reveal how voting for Pilot Season will be handled through MySpace and what the future holds for the initiative. Updated