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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Ennis' "The Shadow" #1

Courtesy of Dynamite, CBR presents a look at Garth Ennis' "The Shadow" #1, including an exclusive look at new pages from the pulp-icon's return to the world of comics.

Ennis on

Ennis on "The Boys," "The Shadow" and "ERF"

Writer Garth Ennis spoke with CBR News about the finale of the penultimate arc of "The Boys," Dynamite's new "Shadow" series and his Kickstarter-funded children's book "ERF."

Garth Ennis Turns Children's Author on Kickstarter

Garth Ennis Turns Children's Author on Kickstarter

Popular writer of mature readers comics from "Preacher" to "The Boys" Garth Ennis has taken to Kickstarter to fund a children's book, the evolutionary themed "ERF" drawn by Ricky Gervais collaborator Rob Steen.

Steen on Ricky Gervais's

Steen on Ricky Gervais's "Flanimals" & Richard Starkings' "Elephantmen"

The illustrator of Ricky Gervais's popular "Flanimals" books sits down for a (too) candid interview conducted by friend and "Elephantmen" collaborator Richard Starkings to talk comics, film, TOKYOPOP, and Guinness.