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"iZombie's" Anders Talks Chowing Down on Brains as the Evil Blaine

The "Alias" alum discusses continuing his villainous streak in "iZombie" and what separates the show's zombies from other undead.

COMIC REEL: Momoa Sends Marvel A Message; Reynolds Talks

COMIC REEL: Momoa Sends Marvel A Message; Reynolds Talks "Deadpool's" "Devotion" To Canon

Jason Momoa addresses "DC haters" with two words; Ryan Reynolds reveals why he thinks "critical fanboys" will embrace "Deadpool" and more.

COMIC REEL: Rodriguez Talks

COMIC REEL: Rodriguez Talks "Big Hero 6" Sequel Rumors; Common Would "Love" To Play Green Lantern

Genesis Rodriguez discusses the chances of a "Big Hero" sequel; Common wants to be John Stewart in "Green Lantern" and more.


COMIC REEL: New "Age Of Ultron" Promo Teases Widow, Hulk Moment; Amell Posts Mysterious "Arrow" Photo

Marvel has released a teaser for the next full "Avengers: Age of Ultron" trailer; Stephen Amell sports a shiny accessory in new picture and more.


COMIC REEL: "Constantine" Goes Claymation In New Short; Bendis To Appear On "Late Night"

Matt Ryan lends his voice to the animated "Constantine" clip; the "Powers" writer will chat with "Late Night" host Seth Meyers and more.

CBR TV: EP Rob Thomas & Star David Anders Embrace the Undead in

CBR TV: EP Rob Thomas & Star David Anders Embrace the Undead in "iZombie"

"Veronica Mars" creator and "iZombie" showrunner Rob Thomas and actor David Anders discuss making a different kind of zombie show for The CW.

CBR TV: McIver, Buckley & Ruggiero-Wright on the 'Crimedy' of

CBR TV: McIver, Buckley & Ruggiero-Wright on the 'Crimedy' of "iZombie"

Stars Rose McIver & Robert Buckley joined Executive Producer Diane Ruggiero-Wright on the CBR Yacht to discuss the tone of The CW's "iZombie."


COMIC REEL: The "Fearsome" Dr. Crane Arrives In "Gotham"; "Daredevil" Teases Nelson & Murdock

Scarecrow's father will show up on Fox's proto-Batman drama; Netflix's "Daredevil" begins its ad campaign and more.

"iZombie" EP Thomas Gives Zombies Heart and Humanity

"Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas talks pilot details and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" comparisons in The CW's "iZombie," based on the Vertigo comic.

The CW Announce

The CW Announce "iZombie" Premiere Date And Release Trailer

The television adaptation of Vertigo series "iZombie" gets a release date, plus a new trailer featuring brain-eating Rose McIver's undead Olivia Moore.


SDCC: "iZombie" is the Right Mix of "Veronica Mars" & "Buffy"

Showrunner Rob Thomas and the cast of The CW's new show embrace their genre ties and hope for a hit with their zombie detective procedural.

Chris Roberson Plans Viewing Party for

Chris Roberson Plans Viewing Party for "iZombie" TV Debut

While "iZombie" co-creator Chris Roberson isn't involved in the CW adaptation of his Vertigo series, the writer said there's plenty for fans of the comic to enjoy.

"Once Upon a Time" Actress to Star in CW's "iZombie"

Rose McIver will play "Liv," a med student-turned-zombie, in the Rob Thomas pilot based on the Vertigo comic by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred.

The CW's

The CW's "iZombie" Adaptation Casts First Roles

Malcolm Goodwin, Alexandra Krosney & David Anders have been cast in the Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-written pilot based on the Vertigo series.

Five Reasons to Get Excited for the

Five Reasons to Get Excited for the "iZombie" Pilot

SPINOFF ONLINE lists a few reasons why The CW ordering the short-lived Vertigo series to pilot is great news.

"iZombie" Gets CW Pilot Order

The latest in-development DC Comics-based TV project to get a pilot order is "iZombie," based on the 2010-2012 Vertigo series.

"Veronica Mars" Creator Developing "iZombie" for The CW

Vertigo series "iZombie" is in development as a TV series, with "Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas and collaborator Diane Ruggiero at the helm.


SDCC: "Veronica Mars" Movie Panel Gets the Neptune Gang Back Together

At Comic-Con International, the creator and cast of "Veronica Mars" premiered the first footage from the crowd-funded movie to an enthusiastic crowd in Hall H.