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Milligan Guides

Milligan Guides "Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel," Reveals the Origin of "Punk Mambo"

Peter Milligan tackles the theme of faith in the "Eternal Warrior" miniseries while expanding the world and revealing the origin of "Punk Mambo."

SENYC: Valiant Firsts

SENYC: Valiant Firsts

Details from Valiant's new launches including "Doctor Mirage" and the return of Priest and Bright's "Quantum & Woody" arrive.

EXCL. PREVIEW: Tangle with Poison Ivy in

EXCL. PREVIEW: Tangle with Poison Ivy in "Batgirl Annual" #2

Batgirl must unravel a mystery centered around Poison Ivy, her former Birds of Prey teammate, in Gail Simone & Robert Gill's "Batgirl Annual" #2.

Valiant First Initiative Includes

Valiant First Initiative Includes "Rai," "Dr. Mirage" Series

Valiant's upcoming Valiant First initiative brings five months of new #1 issues, including new series for "Rai" and "Dr. Mirage"