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AMC Releases Four

AMC Releases Four "Walking Dead" Teaser Clips

AMC has unveiled four new tension-filled teasers for the second season of its hit zombie-ridden series "The Walking Dead," which is set to debut on October 16.



Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Haunt" #17. The issue, from the team of Robert Kirkman and Greg Capullo, hits stores Wednesday, August 24.


REVIEW: "The Walking Dead" #88

Augie De Blieck gives "The Walking Dead" #88 3.5 stars saying, "there's no lack of drama or tension. Kirkman does a great job with making every conversation count."

PRESS RELEASE: Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment Expands into Asia


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "The Infinite" #2

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of the second issue of Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld's "The Infinite," which is set to hit stores in September.

PRESS RELEASE: McFarlane Provides Variant Cover for "The Infinite" #2

New Details Emerge On Darabont's

New Details Emerge On Darabont's "Walking Dead" Exit

The firing of show-runner and executive producer Frank Darabont from AMC's hit "Walking Dead" TV show has raised many questions, and new details point to financial fights at the heart of the change.

PRESS RELEASE: Kirkman Preps "Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor" Novel

PRESS RELEASE: Kirkman & Liefeld's "The Infinite" #1 Commands Second Print

First Look:

First Look: "The Walking Dead" Video Game

Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" gets the video game treatment thanks to Telltale Games, and CBR News has screenshots and details on the game's original story.


REVIEW: "The Infinite" #1

Doug Zawisza gives "The Infinite" #1 4 stars, saying co-creators Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld "play off each other's strengths well enough to conceal any perceived weaknesses."

CCI: Robert Kirkman Panel

CCI: Robert Kirkman Panel

Robert Kirkman gave panel-goers a treat at Comic-Con International, answering audience questions everything from "Invincible" and "The Walking Dead" and discussing new projects coming down the line from Skybound.

AMC Releases Statement on

AMC Releases Statement on "Walking Dead" Creative Shake Up

AMC has released an official statement on the departure of "Frank Darabont as "The Walking Dead's" showrunner, officially naming writer/producer Glen Mazzara as his replacement.

Frank Darabont Exits

Frank Darabont Exits "The Walking Dead"

Frank Darabont, who was instrumental in bringing Robert Kirkman's comic "The Walking Dead" to television, has reportedly stepped down as showrunner for AMC's hit zombie series.

PRESS RELEASE: Fox International Channels Announces "The Walking Dead" Season 2 Launch Dates

CCI: Kirkman & Darabont Liven Up the

CCI: Kirkman & Darabont Liven Up the "Walking Dead" Panel

The cast and crew of AMC's "The Walking Dead" discuss Season Two, new emotional hurdles for the survivors and what that zombie blood is made of.

CBR TV @ CCI: McFarlane on DC Comics, Digital Piracy & More

CBR TV @ CCI: McFarlane on DC Comics, Digital Piracy & More

Todd McFarlane joined CBR TV to discuss DC Comics' September relaunch, digital piracy and sales, what Robert Kirkman brings to Image Comics, "Spawn" sales and much more.


CCI: "The Walking Dead" Cast And Creators Talk Season Two

CBR spoke with the cast and crew of "The Walking Dead" about season two, plot differences between the comic and the TV show, and what to look for in casting a zombie.

CBR TV @ CCI: Liefeld on

CBR TV @ CCI: Liefeld on "Image United, "Hawk & Dove" & More

Rob Liefeld spoke with CBR TV about "Image United" delays, developing "The Infinite" with Robert Kirkman, returning to "Hawk & Dove" for DC Comics' New 52 initiative and more.

CCI: Creator Owned Panel with Robert Kirkman

CCI: Creator Owned Panel with Robert Kirkman

At Comic-Con International, Robert Kirkman, Brian K. Vaughn, Jonathan Ross, Jonathan Hickman, Frank Cho, and Fiona Staples are announcing new projects and talking about owning your own work.

CBR TV @ CCI: Kirkman on “The Infinite,” “Walking Dead” & More

CBR TV @ CCI: Kirkman on “The Infinite,” “Walking Dead” & More

Robert Kirkman keeps his CBR TV appearance streak alive, discussing "The Walking Dead" prose novel, the AMC series' second season, "The Infinite" and more.


CCI: "Walking Dead" Gets Epic Trailer, Premiere Date

AMC has released the four-and-a-half minute trailer for the second season of "The Walking Dead," which will premiere on Oct. 16. SPINOFF has details.

CCI: Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment Panel

CCI: Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment Panel

Robert Kirkman brings collaborators from his incoming Image Comics series "The Infinite" and "Thief of Thieves" as well as news of "The Walking Dead" and "Invincible" to Comic-Con with Skybound Entertainment.

PRESS RELEASE: Abrams to Publish Companion Books for "The Walking Dead"

EXCLUSIVE: Adlard Covers

EXCLUSIVE: Adlard Covers "The Walking Dead: The Board Game"

"Walking Dead" artist Charlie Adlard lends his talents to this fall's upcoming board game based on Robert Kirkman's ever-popular Image Comics zombie epic!

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics Announces Full Comic-Con International Panel Schedule

PRESS RELEASE: Kirkman's Skybound Announces Comic-Con Panels, Signings & Exclusives

Liefeld & Kirkman Tease

Liefeld & Kirkman Tease "Infinite" Animosity

Image Comics has released a third teaser for Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld's August-releasing "The Infinite," this time focusing on a mysterious character with an axe to grind.

Comics A.M. -

Comics A.M. - "The Walking Dead" Bookstore Streak; "Parker" Delay

"Naruto," "The Walking Dead" lead BookScan chart! Darwyn Cooke announces delay of "Parker: The Martini Edition"! A history of comics renumbering! Robert Kirkman talks Comic-Con! Plus much more!

Kirkman & Liefeld Release Second

Kirkman & Liefeld Release Second "Infinite" Teaser

Image has released a second teaser for Robert Krkman and Rob Lifeld's "The Infinite," this time focusing on Bo, the younger version of yesterday's teaser subject, Bowen.

Kirkman, Liefeld Tease

Kirkman, Liefeld Tease "Infinite" Possibilities

Image Comics has released a teaser for Robert Kirkman and Rob Lifeld's "The Infinite," asking a question about the main character Bowen's time traveling motivation.

Joe Casey Reinvents

Joe Casey Reinvents "Haunt"

Slated to take over writing chores on "Haunt" with #19, Joe Casey spoke with CBR News about what makes the brothers Kilgore tick and what he's got planned for the Image Comics title.

PRESS RELEASE: Yu Provides Variant Cover for Kirkman & Liefeld's "The Infinite" #1

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Kirkman & Liefeld's

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Kirkman & Liefeld's "The Infinite" #1

Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment have provided CBR with an exclusive preview of Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld's "The Infinite" #1!

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics' "Super Dinosaur" #3 and "Witch Doctor" #1 Sell Out

Robert Kirkman's

Robert Kirkman's "Infinite" Horizon

As he and Rob Liefeld's new time-travel buddy epic "The Infinite" hits in August, Robert Kirkman tells CBR how he built the world of the future, why he's making deluxe print editions of each issue and how they'll make a splash at Comic-Con.

PRESS RELEASE: "The Walking Dead" Readers Will Flip Over "Elephantmen: Man and Elephantman"


EXCL. PREVIEWS: "Super Dinosaur," "Butcher Baker" & "Skullkickers"

Image Comics has provided CBR with exclusive previews for three books shipping this Wednesday June 29 including "Super Dinosaur" #3, "Butcher Baker" #4 and "Skullkickers" #8!

McFarlane Cedes

McFarlane Cedes "Haunt" to Casey & Fox

"Haunt" co-creator Todd McFarlane spoke with CBR about shifting creative teams from Robert Kirkman and Greg Capullo to the incoming Joe Casey and Nathan Fox while sharing an exclusive look at Fox's art for #19.


Telltale's "The Walking Dead" Rises at E3

While Telltale Games' "The Walking dead" video game adaptation features a new protagonist and follows a different timeline than the comic and television series, it remains true to Robert Kirkman's vision.