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Knave & Kirkbride Conjure

Knave & Kirkbride Conjure "Never Ending" Trouble For "Amelia Cole"

Adam P. Knave and D.J. Kirkbride talk about where their magical heroine "Amelia Cole" is headed next, plus their Dark Horse series "Never Ending."

SDCC EXCLUSIVE: Love & Walker's

SDCC EXCLUSIVE: Love & Walker's "Number 13" Proof of Concept Trailer

CBR presents the exclusive debut of the official proof-of-concept teaser for a live-action version of Robert Love and David Walker's "Number 13" sci-fi comic.

A Bionic Amnesiac Finds Himself in Love & Walker's

A Bionic Amnesiac Finds Himself in Love & Walker's "Number 13"

Emerging from the pages of "Dark Horse Presents," CBR spoke with Robert Love & David Walker about "Number 13," a journey across a post-apocalyptic, mutant-ridden landscape with an existential android.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Announces "Alpha Girl" #1 Sold Out