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ECCC: Dynamite is Ready to Explode

ECCC: Dynamite is Ready to Explode

Dynamite officially announced Gail Simone on "Red Sonja," discussed upcoming surprises and introduced the world to Gross Guy at Emerald City Comicon this weekend.

Napton Raises the

Napton Raises the "Son of Merlin"

"Warlord of Mars" writer and Avengelyne co-creator Robert Napton mixes science with magic in the modern day miniseries "Son of Merlin" from Heroes and Villains and Top Cow.

EXCLUSIVE: Jae Lee's Covers For

EXCLUSIVE: Jae Lee's Covers For "Thun'da" #2, 3

With Frank Frazetta's Thun'da returning to comics in August via Robert Place Napton and Cliff Richards' new Dynamite series, CBR presents an exclusive first look at Jae Lee's covers for issues #2 and 3.

Napton Revives Frazetta's

Napton Revives Frazetta's "Thun'da"

A modern jungle lord placed in a prehistoric world, Frank Frazetta's classic hero "Thun'da" returns in August, and Robert Napton explains how the master's first story impacts the Dynamite revival.

PRESS RELEASE: Thun'da Returns To Comics Via Dynamite Entertainment

PRESS RELEASE: Dynamite Launches "Warlord of Mars: Fall of Barsoom" in July