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Spurrier Sends

Spurrier Sends "X-Force" on a Final Mission

Si Spurrier explains to CBR News how the team's final mission -- taking down former teammate Fantomex -- has been seeded since his run began.

X-POSITION: Spurrier on

X-POSITION: Spurrier on "X-Force" and ForgetMeNot

Si Spurrier answers your questions about Cable's black-ops "X-Force" team and the draw of unique mutant ForgetMeNot.

X-POSITION: Spurrier Takes a Broken

X-POSITION: Spurrier Takes a Broken "X-Force" Team to War

Simon Spurrier returns to X-Position to discuss X-Force's "broken" team members and the introduction of new villains. Plus, exclusive art!

X-POSITION: Spurrier Constructs an All-New

X-POSITION: Spurrier Constructs an All-New "X-Force"

Si Spurrier joins X-Position to discuss his new "X-Force" ongoing, building the cast and what's in store for the freshman series in the coming months.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEWS: "X-Force" #1, "Avengers" #26

This week, CBR presents exclusive previews of Marvel's all-new "X-Force" #1 and the A.I.M.-threatened "Avengers" #26!


Marvel "Stealth Releases" "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" Digital Comic Prequel

Marvel has 'stealth released' a prelude to "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" in the Infinite Comic digital format, written by Peter David.

X-POSITION: Spurrier Winds Down

X-POSITION: Spurrier Winds Down "X-Men Legacy," Prepares "X-Force"

Si Spurrier discusses his upcoming work on "X-Force" and what to expect from the end of "X-Men Legacy." Plus, exclusive art!


EXCL. PREVIEW: "X-Force" #1

ROBOT 6 takes aim at an exclusive preview of Marvel's "X-Force" #1, by Si Spurrier and Rock-he Kim.

Spurrier Enters the Shadows with

Spurrier Enters the Shadows with "X-Force"

Simon Spurrier tells CBR about his new "X-Force" ongoing and takes the battle for mutant rights into the shadowy world of covert ops and espionage.

Spurrier, Kim's Adjectiveless

Spurrier, Kim's Adjectiveless "X-Force" Launches in February

Si Spurrier and Rock-He Kim debut "X-Force" in February, following January's X-series-ending crossover, "Vendetta."

Spurrier & Kim Go On the

Spurrier & Kim Go On the "Offensive" For All-New Marvel NOW!

The latest All-New Marvel NOW! teaser features an "Offensive" title by Simon Spurrier and Rock-He Kim.

Evil Stands Triumphant in New

Evil Stands Triumphant in New "Age of Ultron" Variant

Hank Pym's evil android creation stands poised for mayhem in artist Rock-he Kim's "Age of Ultron" variant cover for the time-traveling crossover event's penultimate issue.

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