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WATCH: Over Seven Minutes of

WATCH: Over Seven Minutes of "Batman: Arkham Knight" Gameplay Video

Along with the announcement of a new release date of June 23, Rocksteady Studios has released footage from the first chapter of the anticipated game.

Rocksteady Debuts

Rocksteady Debuts "Cinematic" Promo for "Batman: Arkham Knight"

The latest glimpse of the anticipated video game puts the emphasis on Batman's villains, fighting and the Batmobile.

Here's Why

Here's Why "Batman: Arkham Knight" Is Rated "M For Mature"

The ESRB's rating summary for the latest game in the blockbuster franchise makes note of profanity and scenes of torture.

The War For Gotham Begins In New

The War For Gotham Begins In New "Batman: Arkham Knight" Trailer

The latest installment of the bestselling video game franchise sees the Dark Knight take on a mysterious new villain.

"Batman: Arkham Knight" Receives "Mature" Rating

To the surprise of developer Rocksteady Studios, the next game in the "Arkham" series has been rated for players 17 and older by the ESRB.

Fan-Favorite Villain Returns in

Fan-Favorite Villain Returns in "Batman: Arkham Knight" Trailer

The third part of "Batman: Arkham Knight's" Ace Chemicals Infiltration Trailer has debuted online, teasing one of the game series' popular villains.


New "Arkham Knight" Gameplay Footage Showcases Batmobile

Batman faces off against the Arkham Knight's drone tanks in new "Batman: Arkham Knight" gameplay footage featuring the might of the Batmobile.


Rocksteady's "Batman: Arkham Knight" Set For June 2015

The final chapter of Rocksteady's "Arkham" video game series, "Batman: Arkham Knight," is set to launch June 2015 with two collectors editions.


HANDS-ON: "Batman: Arkham Knight" Brings A New Villain and Batmobile Joyride

Rocksteady's "Batman: Arkham Knight" ups the ante in every way -- including access to the Batmobile -- as CBR saw in a closed-door demo at E3 2014.

Rocksteady Showcases Batmobile in New

Rocksteady Showcases Batmobile in New "Batman: Arkham Knight" Trailer

The latest trailer for "Batman: Arkham Knight" showcases the new and improved Batmobile. UPDATE: WB confirms the game's release has been delayed to 2015.

"Batman: Arkham Knight" Rolls Out First Gameplay Trailer

Unveiled today by Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, “Evening the Odds” showcases the Scarecrow’s return to Gotham as he schemes to unite the city’s villains.

Who is Rocksteady's new Batman Character, the Arkham Knight?

Who is Rocksteady's new Batman Character, the Arkham Knight?

Rocksteady's anticipated "Batman: Arkham Knight" video game reveals a new character on the horizon: the Arkham Knight.


Rocksteady's "Arkham" Series Returns For "Batman: Arkham Knight"

Rocksteady Studios' popular "Arkham" video game franchise will conclude with "Batman: Arkham Knight" for next-gen consoles & PC in 2014.

SDCC: Hands-On With

SDCC: Hands-On With "Batman: Arkham Origins" and "Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate"

WB Games Montreal takes on the fan-favorite "Arkham" franchise from Rocksteady Games with two impressive titles: "Batman: Arkham Origins" and "Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate."

Conroy Inadvertently Outs Next

Conroy Inadvertently Outs Next "Batman: Arkham" Game

A Tweet from fan-favorite Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy clarifying his comments at Dallas Comic-Con may have inadvertently revealed a new "Batman: Arkham" game beyond "Arkham Origins."

"Batman: Arkham Origins" Game Hits In October

Warner Bros. Games Montreal will take over Rocksteady Studios' incredibly popular "Arkham" video game series for "Batman: Arkham Origins," set for an October 25 release.

Dini Will Not Return For A Third

Dini Will Not Return For A Third "Batman" Game

Paul Dini, the fan-favorite comic writer behind "Batman: Arkham Asylum" and "Batman: Arkham City," confirms he will not return for a third installment, explaining why he chose to pursue other projects.

Rocksteady Developing

Rocksteady Developing "Batman" Prequel Game Featuring Justice League

Rocksteady Studios, the developer behind "Batman: Arkham Asylum" and "Arkham City," is believed to be developing a new installment of the video game series that will feature Superman, Wonder Woman and others.

Hands-On With

Hands-On With "Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition" For The Wii U

CBR went hands-on with Rocksteady's "Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition" at E3, taking the Wii U-enhanced game through the motions and weighing in on its new features and upgraded gameplay.

PRESS RELEASE: Warner Bros. Interactive Announces "Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition" for Wii U

"Batman: Arkham City" Gets Harley Quinn DLC Next Week, new edition in May

Harley Quinn returns to do some damage in both a separate download and new edition of "Batman: Arkham City" during the month of May.

Harley Quinn To Feature In New

Harley Quinn To Feature In New "Arkham City" DLC?

According to recent PS3 Trophy information, femme fatale Harley Quinn could be on her way to a single player campaign in Rocksteady's critically acclaimed "Batman: Arkham City" video game.

RUMOR: Is Rocksteady Studios Tackling

RUMOR: Is Rocksteady Studios Tackling "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?"

In an exciting unconfirmed rumor, the team behind "Batman: Arkham City" could possibly be working with the shell-shocked quartet for its next project.

Rocksteady Celebrates the Holidays with a

Rocksteady Celebrates the Holidays with a "Batman, Inc." "Arkham City" Skin

Rocksteady Studios celebrates the holiday season with deals on "Batman: Arkham City" Bundle Packs, a "Batman, Inc." themed skin and a secret unlock code for those who haven't beaten the game but want a fresh look.

What Is

What Is "Batman: Arkham World?"

The Joker's acceptance speech for Character of the Year at Spike TV's Video Game Awards may have provided fans of "Batman: Arkham City" a clue to the next move from Rocksteady Studios and WB Games.

"Batman: Arkham City" Expands in Late December

WB Games and Rocksteady Studios wish gamers Happy Holidays, offering "Batman: Arkham City" fans access to two previously exclusive Challenge Maps and one brand new one.

"Batman: Arkham City" Receives Multiple Video Game Awards Nominations

Who says crime doesn't pay? Rocksteady and WB Games' epic "Batman: Arkham City" has received ten nominations in Spike TV's annual Video Game Awards including Game of the Year.

Who Should Assemble

Who Should Assemble "The Avengers" Video Game?

Marvel has announced that a video game will arrive alongside "The Avengers" film, but who's working on it? CBR has some ideas for who we'd like to see bring Earth's Mightiest Heroes to consoles.

"Batman: Arkham City" Celebrates Easter "Eggs"

Think you've discovered everything there is to find in the Dark Knight's latest game? Think again! CBR has the rundown of the best Easter Eggs hidden away in "Batman: Arkham City" darkest corners!

PRESS RELEASE: "Batman: Arkham City" Week One Sales Top 4.6 Million Units Worldwide

NYCC: Developers, Kevin Conroy Visit

NYCC: Developers, Kevin Conroy Visit "Batman: Arkham City"

The NYCC panel told fans to expect in the highly anticipated sequel from the developers, how Frank Miller made Claudio Sanchez burst in to tears and what Kevin Conroy really thinks about Christian Bale.

NYCC: Kevin Conroy Enters

NYCC: Kevin Conroy Enters "Arkham City"

The iconic voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy arrived at New York Comic Con to discuss his work on the soon-to-be-released "Batman: Arkham City" and the specific technique involved in voicing a game character.

"Batman: Arkham City" Rogues Gallery Trailer

DC Entertainment has released a New York Comic Con trailer for "Batman: Arkham City" highlighting not only the Joker, Poison Ivy and the rest of the game's rogues, but the playable Robin and Catwoman as well.

Batman Dons Sinestro Corps Uniform in

Batman Dons Sinestro Corps Uniform in "Arkham City"

From a Sinestro Corps-costumed Dark Knight to playable avatar costumes and more, with the release of the game less than a week out, CBR has the rundown of the latest "Batman: Arkham City" news.

"Batman: Arkham City" Robin Gameplay Video Released

With “Batman: Arkham City” set for release in less than two weeks, Rocksteady has released in-game footage of Robin, a DLC playable character available exclusively through Best Buy in the US.

Rocksteady Promises More Batman After

Rocksteady Promises More Batman After "Arkham City"

After mining the Batman mythos in two huge games, developer Rocksteady Games feels the Dark Knight has room to grow and plans to continue to be involved in continued expansion of the franchise post-"Arkham City."

Will Nightwing be Playable in

Will Nightwing be Playable in "Batman: Arkham City?"

A pair of leaked Achievement/Trophy awards indicate Batman's former protege, Dick Grayson, will join the list of playable characters in the upcoming sequel to "Batman: Arkham Asylum"

What's the Joker Up to in

What's the Joker Up to in "Batman: Arkham City?"

CBR News takes a look at an "Arkham City" encounter with the Joker's newest homicidal goon, the devastating Mr. Hammer, and the new weapon necessary to take the big bad guy down.

Who's Who? The Villains of

Who's Who? The Villains of "Batman: Arkham City"

Which of the Dark Knight's myriad rogues will he confront in the latest Batman video game adventure? CBR breaks down the roster for you with a helpful guide to all the villains.

Deadshot Takes Aim on

Deadshot Takes Aim on "Batman: Arkham City"

Rocksteady Games has unveiled a pair of helpful new gadgets for the Dark Knight to wield in "Arkham City" - and Batman'll need them in order to to take on the gun-packing Deadshot.