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Sitterson and Moreno Weave a Superheroic Tale

Sitterson and Moreno Weave a Superheroic Tale "Worth" Telling

In "Worth," Aubrey Sitterson and Chris Moreno ask the question, what happens when progress passes a technology-based superhero by?

PRESS RELEASE: Roddenberry Entertainment & Arcana Announce "Worth" OGN

PRESS RELEASE: "Days Missing" Vol. 2 to Premiere at Comic-Con

CCI: Archaia/Roddenberry Productions Panel

CCI: Archaia/Roddenberry Productions Panel

Archaia Comics and Roddenberry Productions team up to discuss their new project “Days Missing,” along with a small discussion on Archaia Comics’ titles “Titanium Rain” and “Starkweather Immortal.”

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia And Roddenberry Productions Reveal "Days Missing" Creative Team

David Hine Joins Roddenberry's

David Hine Joins Roddenberry's "Days Missing"

David Hine joins Phil Hester & Frazer Irving on "Days Missing" from Archaia & Roddenberry Productions. We spoke with Roddenberry's Trevor Roth and Archaia's Stephen Christy about the book.

Frazer Irving on “Days Missing”

Frazer Irving on “Days Missing”

Archaia & Roddenberry Productions' “Days Missing” is a about major events surgically excised from history. Each issue features a different creative team, with Phil Hester & Frazer Irving kicking things off. We spoke with Irving.