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Syfy Adapting Miller's

Syfy Adapting Miller's "Ronin," Soule's "Letter 44," Hickman's "Pax Romana," Schulner's "Clone" & More

Syfy has announced adaptations of Frank Miller's "Ronin," Jonathan Hickman's "Pax Romana," Charles Soule's "Letter 44," and David Schulner's "Clone."

Marvel Inadvertently Leaks

Marvel Inadvertently Leaks "Mighty Avengers" Mystery Member ID

A downloadable script of Al Ewing's "Mighty Avengers" #1 has revealed the identity of Spider Hero, the mysterious member of the new Avengers team.

Ronin, G.I. Joe 2, The Boys: Feb 18th Comic Reel

Ronin, G.I. Joe 2, The Boys: Feb 18th Comic Reel

Screenwriters update on "Ronin" development. "G.I. Joe 2" to add more characters. "The Boys" have Garth Ennis's blessing. Also, "Kick-Ass" images, "Clash" interviews, a "Thor" casting call and more.

Sylvain White Still Traveling Towards

Sylvain White Still Traveling Towards "Ronin"

Despite the waves caused by the formation of DC Entertainment, director Sylvain White confirms for CBR News that Frank Miller's "Ronin" is still coming to the big screen - just not panel for panel.

True Romance: McCann Talks “New Avengers: The  Reunion”

True Romance: McCann Talks “New Avengers: The Reunion”

In March's “New Avengers: The Reunion," Ronin reconnects with his wife Mockingbird, who was until recently dead. We spoke with writer Jim McCann and editor Jeanine Schaefer about the four-issue miniseries.

When Words Collide - 11/5/2008

When Words Collide - 11/5/2008

This week, Timothy cracks open his copy of "Absolute Ronin" and finds a wild and innovative work from Frank Miller. Even if you've read "Ronin" before, Tim promises you - you've never seen anything quite like this.

When Words Collide - 9/17/2008

When Words Collide - 9/17/2008

This week, Tim looks at the amazing bounty of graphic novels and collected editions coming out in the next four weeks and provides his Top 20 recommendations, including works from Miller, Morrison, Wood and others.