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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Jonathan Maberry's

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Jonathan Maberry's "Rot & Ruin" #1

IDW brings the world of "Rot & Ruin" to comics with a brand new zombie series by Jonathan Maberry & Tony Vargas that ties into Maberry's novels.

Jonathan Maberry Bestows his

Jonathan Maberry Bestows his "Rot & Ruin" Upon Comics

Jonathan Maberry explains why he's bringing his novels to comics, where these stories fit into the "Rot & Ruin" timeline and teases information about the upcoming film.

SDCC: IDW Publishing Rocks San Diego

SDCC: IDW Publishing Rocks San Diego

IDW Publishing set out to "rock this town" with announcements about "Star Trek/Planet of the Apes," "Garbage Pail Kids," "Rot & Ruin" and more.