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Lepp Shakes off the

Lepp Shakes off the "Rust" for Volume Two

Creator Royden Lepp discusses the second volume of his critically acclaimed "Rust" graphic novels, keeping the overarching mystery going, how he's grown as a writer and the enigmatic Jet Jones.

CCI: World Building With Archaia Entertainment

CCI: World Building With Archaia Entertainment

Archaia hosted a panel on "world building" at CCI packed with creators including David Petersen, Royden Lepp, and Jeremy Bastian, who discussed crafting a story beyond plot and a strong protagonist.

Lepp Polishes

Lepp Polishes "Rust"

Creator Royden Lepp spoke with CBR about his newest book from Archaia, his experience as an old-school animator and his excitement over the upcoming "Rust" film.