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When Words Collide - 8/19/2013

When Words Collide - 8/19/2013

Tim concludes his countdown of the Top 10 Superhero Role-Playing Games of All Time, featuring powers taken to the ultimate, the art of Geof Darrow and George Perez, and a world turned savage.

When Words Collide - 8/12/2013

When Words Collide - 8/12/2013

Tim begins counting down the Top 10 Superhero Role-Playing Games of All Time, with classic villains, alternate realities, a Marvel method, mutants, and even some masterminds.

Revisiting Alan Moore's Official

Revisiting Alan Moore's Official "Watchmen" Prequel

Tim revisits the history and significance of the Mayfair "Watchmen" RPG modules in this week's WWC with interviews with Daniel Greenberg and Ray Winninger, the writers of the three Alan Moore-sanctioned RPG books.

PRESS RELEASE: "Dracula VS King Arthur" to become RPG

Petersen talks

Petersen talks "Mouse Guard" Role-Playing Game

"Mouse Guard" creator David Petersen talks to CBR News about the new role- playing game based on his hit comic book, and updates readers on the status of the eagerly awaited conclusion to "Winter 1152."