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PREVIEW: Alan Martin Brings Back the Punkette In

PREVIEW: Alan Martin Brings Back the Punkette In "The Power of Tank Girl"

Alan Martin's Tank Girl returns in "The Power of Tank Girl," collecting three plutonium-deprived stories drawn by Rufus Dayglo & Ashley Wood.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Tank Girl: Bad Wind Rising"

Courtesy of Titan Publishing, CBR presents an exclusive preview of the "Tank Girl: Bad Wind Rising" HC by Alan Martin and Rufus Dayglo. The collection goes on sale January 4, 2012.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Collects "Tank Girl" One-shots in December

PRESS RELEASE: "Tank Girl" Exclusive: Tank Girl & Booga Split

Read the Full Issue:

Read the Full Issue: "Tank Girl: Skidmarks"

In advance of the release of the "Tank Girl: Skidmarks" collection, Titan Books has given CBR the full first issue of Alan Martin and Rufus Daglo's miniseries exclusively. The collection hist stores Tuesday, August 24.

Martin and Dayglo Wear

Martin and Dayglo Wear "Dirty Helmets"

Alan Martin and Rufus Dayglo, the creators behind Tank Girl's latest adventure, drop some bombs on what to expect in the one-shot, what makes Tank Girl so irresistible and what the future holds for the ass-kicking adventurer.

Dayglo Sheds Light On

Dayglo Sheds Light On "Tank Girl: Dark Nuggets"

"Tank Girl" artist Rufus Dayglo talks with CBR about the upcoming "Dark Nuggets" one-shot to be released through Image Comics. Plus, check out an exclusive eight-page preview of the comic!

PRESS RELEASE: IDW releases "Snaked" collection