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Pipeline - 2/11/2014

Pipeline - 2/11/2014

Augie praises "Black Science" as being one of the rare comics he can't find fault with. Why settle for any less?

Ryan Ottley Looks Back on the

Ryan Ottley Looks Back on the "Invincible" Centennial

Longtime "Invincible" artist Ryan Ottley spoke with CBR News about his history with the title, how writer Robert Kirkman discovered him, his impressive output and much more.

Hickman Gets Scientific with

Hickman Gets Scientific with "The Manhattan Projects"

"Fantastic Four" and "Ultimates" writer Jonathan Hickman spoke to CBR News about his new alt-reality sci-fi series "The Manhattan Projects," his first ongoing at Image Comics.

Talking Comics with Rus Wooton

Talking Comics with Rus Wooton

ROBOT 6's Tim O'Shea interviews Russ Wooton about overcoming a major surfing injury to become a letterer for "Walking Dead," "Invincible" "Pigs" and more, as well as his new webcomic, "Siblings."