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Vertigo's "Lucifer" in Development at Fox, with Put Pilot Commitment

An adaptation of Vertigo series "Lucifer" is in development at Fox, with "Californication" creator Tom Kapinos at the helm.

Cover of the Week:

Cover of the Week: "Hawkeye," "Brother Lono" and "Dead Body Road"

Aja's "Hawkeye," "Johnson's "100 Bullets: Brother Lono" and Scalera's "Dead Body Road" all vie for Cover of the Week for February 26,

REVIEW: Gillen & Kelly's

REVIEW: Gillen & Kelly's "Three" #5

Kieron Gillen and Ryan Kelly wrap up their historical miniseries with "Three" #5, a "gut-churning" issue that concludes the series nicely.

REVIEW: Gillen & Kelly's

REVIEW: Gillen & Kelly's "Three" #3 is "Simply Masterful"

Kieron Gillen & Ryan Kelly's "Three" #3 is "simply masterful," giving readers another platform to experience Kelly's "eye for brutality."

EXCL. PREVIEW: Gillen & Kelly's

EXCL. PREVIEW: Gillen & Kelly's "Three" #1 Goes to War

Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Three #1 by Kieron Gillen & Ryan Kelly. Three slaves try to escape 300 of the finest warriors who ever lived on Oct. 9!

Gillen Pits

Gillen Pits "Three" Against 300 at Image

"Phonogram" and "Uber" writer Kieron Gillen returns to Image Comics in October with "Three," a historical thriller following three slaves pursued by Sparta's 300, drawn by Ryan Kelly and colored by Jordie Bellaire.



Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Star Wars" #8 by Brian Wood, Ryan Kelly and Dan Parsons. Han and Chewie go blaster to blaster against Boba Fett August 14.

EXCL. PREVIEW: Wood & Kelly's

EXCL. PREVIEW: Wood & Kelly's "Star Wars" #7

Courtesy of Dark Horse, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Star Wars" #7 by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly. Princess Leia takes the Rebels' secret mission to the next level July 10.

Cornell & Kelly's

Cornell & Kelly's "Saucer Country" May Return In Early 2014

Less than three weeks after Vertigo released the final issue of Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly's "Saucer Country," the writer teases the sci-fi thriller could be back on shelves as early as February.

Development Deal: Paul Cornell's

Development Deal: Paul Cornell's "Saucer Country"

Could "Saucer Country," Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly's political UFO series for Vertigo make a good television show? SPINOFF ONLINE thinks so.

Cover of the Week - September 12

Cover of the Week - September 12

This week, the Rocketeer gets the spotlight, flying saucers battle jet fighters, X-Force takes a stroll, a private eye gives the stink eye and Jonathan Hickman picks up the hammer and sickle.

Conversing with Ryan Kelly

Conversing with Ryan Kelly

ROBOT 6's Chris Arrant chats with "Saucer Country" Ryan Kelly about his work on the Vertigo series, his webcomic "Cocotte," being a foodie, what superheroes he'd like to draw and more.

Covers of the Week -- May 16

Covers of the Week -- May 16

In this week's installment of Cover of the Week, dancing turns deadly, 1950s Indo-China turns sexy, ghosts get gross, close encounters get furry and the Shadow knows twice as much.

Covers of the Week -- April 11

Covers of the Week -- April 11

This week, Lobster Johnson goes up in flames, The Tinker weathers a storm, Gov. Alvarado reveals a secret, "Saga" lends a hand and Glory paints the Red Planet pink.

REVIEW: Saucer Country

REVIEW: Saucer Country

CBR's Greg McElhatton gives Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly's "Saucer Country" #2 4 stars, saying he'd "have to be abducted by aliens before [he] missed another issue."


PREVIEW: "Saucer Country" #2

Courtesy of Vertigo Comics, CBR presents a preview of Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly's "Saucer Country" #2. Governor Alvarado's campaign for the White House continues April 11!

Vertigo Reveals May Covers and

Vertigo Reveals May Covers and "Mystery" Project

Vertigo has posted several covers including "Saucer Country" #3, "Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child" #3 and "The New Deadwardians" #3 and released new details on anthology book "Mystery in Space," coming in May.

Cornell Seeks Truth in

Cornell Seeks Truth in "Saucer Country"

CBR spoke with writer Paul Cornell about his new UFO-centric Vertigo series "Saucer Country." He describes the series as "West Wing" does "X-Files" and revealed info on the characters. Updated with art.

NYCC: Vertigo Gets Scary

NYCC: Vertigo Gets Scary

Vertigo's second NYCC panel, hosted by Karen Berger, featured creators going in-depth about their series, discussing whether or not any DCU characters would be coming to Vertigo titles and more.

NYCC: Paul Cornell Takes Vertigo to

NYCC: Paul Cornell Takes Vertigo to "Saucer Country"

Writer Paul Cornell describes his and artist Ryan Kelly's new Vertigo ongoing series "Saucer Country," announced today at New York Comic Con, as "The West Wing" meets "X-Files."

PRESS RELEASE: Live from the DMZ - Now Broadcasting


REVIEW: "The New York Five" #1

James Hunt gives "The New York Five" #1 a 5 star review, praising the writing and art of the first issue of Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly's Vertigo follow-up to their previous Minx title, "New York Four."

Wood Plus Kelly Equals

Wood Plus Kelly Equals "New York Five"

CSBG's Kelly Thompson talks to Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly about their new Vertigo series, "The New York Five," the sequel to their previous collaboration for DC Comics' short-lived Minx imprint, "The New York Four."

NYCC: Vertigo: On the Edge

NYCC: Vertigo: On the Edge

NYCC's Vertigo: On the Edge panel saw the announcement of "The Annotated Sandman," a new "Cinderella" miniseries and "The New York Five" while confirming a new book by chef Anthony Bourdain titled "Get Jiro!"

Brian Wood Talks Northlanders

Brian Wood Talks Northlanders

With "Northlanders" #14 on sale this week, creator Brian Wood goes in- depth with CBR about the hugely acclaimed Vikings series, discussing his research, creative process, and what fans can look for next.



Creators Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly give CBR readers an exclusive page-by-page commentary of the entire issue of "Local" #6, available now in a new deluxe hardcover collection from Oni Press.

LOCAL Hero: Ryan Kelly

LOCAL Hero: Ryan Kelly

With the hardcover edition of "Local" released this week, artist Ryan Kelly shares some insight into his and Brian Wood's acclaimed project, discussing his artistic approach and the challenges of aging a character over 10 years.

LOCAL Hero: Brian Wood

LOCAL Hero: Brian Wood

In anticipation of next week's release of the hardcover collection of "Local," writer Brian Wood shares with CBR readers the origin of his and Ryan Kelly's acclaimed Oni Press series, discussing its themes, goals, and influence on his newer work.