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PREVIEW: Brute Force Attacks in Paul Scheer's

PREVIEW: Brute Force Attacks in Paul Scheer's "Deadpool Bi-Annual"

Comedian Paul Scheer makes his Marvel debut with "Deadpool Bi-Annual" #1, aided by co-writer Nick Giovannetti and artist Salva Espin!

Scheer & Giovannetti Threaten

Scheer & Giovannetti Threaten "Deadpool" with Brute Force

Comedian Paul Scheer & Nick Giovannetti delve into "Deadpool Bi-Annual," which pits Wade Wilson against the 'classic' cybernetic animal crusaders.

X-POSITION: Bunn Polarizes

X-POSITION: Bunn Polarizes "Magneto," Goes Psycho in "Deadpool Vs. Carnage"

Cullen Bunn joins X-Position to discuss his take on the Master of Magnetism in "Magneto" and writing good crazy against bad crazy in "Deadpool Vs. Carnage."

PREVIEW: Bunn & Espin's

PREVIEW: Bunn & Espin's "Deadpool Vs. Carnage" #1

Marvel Comics turns up the crazy quotient to 11 in "Deadpool Vs. Carnage" #1 by Cullen Bunn and Salvador Espin, on sale March 5!

Maniac Hunts Psycho in Bunn's

Maniac Hunts Psycho in Bunn's "Deadpool Vs. Carnage"

Cullen Bunn discusses "Deadpool Vs. Carnage," which pits the symbiote-enhanced serial killer against the Marvel's possibly just as crazy Merc.

Cullen Bunn, Salva Espin Reunite for

Cullen Bunn, Salva Espin Reunite for "Deadpool Vs. Carnage"

The team behind "Deadpool Kills Deadpool," Cullen Bunn and Salva Espin, pit the Merc with a Mouth against the serial killing Carnage in April.


X-POSITION: "Deadpool Kills..." with Cullen Bunn

"Deadpool Kills Deadpool" & "Ultimate Comics Wolverine" writer Cullen Bunn joined X-Position this week to answer all questions about the Merc With A Mouth, Jimmy Hudson & more. Plus, exclusive art!

NYCC: Acker & Blacker Sink Their Claws Into

NYCC: Acker & Blacker Sink Their Claws Into "Wolverine: Season One"

Ben Acker and Ben Blacker pen the latest entry into Marvel's line of "Season One" graphic novels, looking at Wolverine's early days as a Canadian agent and his first confrontation with The Hulk.

Way Gets Evil in

Way Gets Evil in "Deadpool"

In "Deadpool" #44 the Merc With a Mouth comes face to face with his ultimate enemy, a patchwork monstrosity known as Evil Deadpool. CBR spoke with writer Daniel Way about the confrontation.



Marvel Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at Daniel Way and Salvador Espin's "Evil Deadpool!" The story kicks off in October's "Deadpool" #45.

Gillen Believes in

Gillen Believes in "Generation Hope"

In "Generation Hope" #6, the new mutants leave on their first mission as a mutant rescue team. We spoke with writer Kieron Gillen about the undertaking and setting up the book's status quo moving forward.


REVIEW: "Generation Hope" #3

Greg McElhatton reviewed "Generation Hope" #3 and gave Kieron Gillen, Salvador Espin and Scott Koblish's story 4 stars, saying, "It's rare to see a comic of brand new characters come together so quickly."


REVIEW: "Generation Hope" #1

James Hunt gave "Generation Hope" #1 a 4.5 star review, calling the opening chapter of Kieron Gillen and Salvador Espin's new series, "the strongest first issue an X-title has had in some time."


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Generation Hope" #2

Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Generation Hope" #2. Written by Kieron Gillen with art by Salva Espin and covers by Olivier Coipel, Greg Land & Marko Djurdjevic, the issue hits stores December 1.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Ant-Man & the Wasp" #1

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Ant-Man & the Wasp" #1. Written and illustrated by "Hack/Slash's" Tim Seeley with a cover by Salvador Espin, the series debuts Wednesday, November 10.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Generation Hope" #1

Marvel Comics has released a 9-page advance preview of "Generation Hope" #1, the next chapter in mutantdom as written by Kieron Gillen and illustrated by Salva Espin. The future arrives on November 3, 2010


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Ant-Man & the Wasp

Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Ant-Man & the Wasp," written and drawn by Tim Seeley with a cover by Salva Espin. The Secret and Founding Avengers team up on Wednesday, November 11.

PRESS RELEASE: Arthur Adams, Salva Espin cover "Marvel Apes" #0

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