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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Deadworld: Restoration" #3

Bowker and Moloch put their plans into motion as the classic zombie epic continues in "Deadworld: Restoration" #3 by Gary Reed and Sami Makkonen.

The Original Walking Dead Return in Gary Reed's

The Original Walking Dead Return in Gary Reed's "Deadworld: Restoration"

Gary Reed's "Deadworld" zombie saga continues and the writer explains the aftermath of King Zombie's dethroning and how he feels "The Walking Dead" borrowed from him.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Deadworld: War of the Dead" #2

IDW Publishing has provided CBR with an exclusive preview of "Deadworld: War of the Dead" #2 by Gary Reed. King Zombie's master plan is revealed August 8.

Beddor is

Beddor is "Mad with Wonder"

Frank Beddor brings his "Looking Glass Wars" novels to a close, but his Hatter M graphic novels will continue on. CBR talks with the NYT Best Selling author about the continuing tales of a decidedly dangerous Wonderland.