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COMIC REEL: Amell Teases Firestorm On

COMIC REEL: Amell Teases Firestorm On "Flash"; Gaiman Gives "Sandman" Update

Robbie Amell talks bringing Firestorm to life with Victor Garber; Neil Gaiman hints at Sandman's inclusion on a separate DC film slate & more.

Gaiman explains Why

Gaiman explains Why "Sandman" Wasn’t Part of Warner Bros.' DC Film Slate

Neil Gaiman explains why the long-gestating adaptation wasn’t included in the studio’s big announcement last week.

Gordon-Levitt on the

Gordon-Levitt on the "Exciting" Challenges of Making "Sandman"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt explains why it’s been so difficult for filmmakers to adapt Neil Gaiman’s epic "Sandman" fantasy series.

COMIC REEL: D'Onofrio on

COMIC REEL: D'Onofrio on "Daredevil's" Kingpin; Gordon-Levitt Offers "Sandman" Update

Vincent D'Onofrio teases the Kingpin's role in "Daredevil"; Joseph Gordon-Levitt updates on progress of the "Sandman" film & more.

Gaiman Accepts Maverick Spirit Award, Talks

Gaiman Accepts Maverick Spirit Award, Talks "Sandman" Movie, Importance of "Coraline"

Appearing at the Cinequest Film Festival, Neil Gaiman discussed his hopes for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's "Sandman" movie, the message of "Coraline" and more.


COMIC REEL: New "Sin City" Photos Hit; Driver In Talks To Join "Star Wars"

New photos of "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" hit online; Adam Driver in negotiations to join "Star Wars" as the villain and more.

Jack Thorne Tapped To Script

Jack Thorne Tapped To Script "The Sandman"

"A Long Way Down" screenwriter Jack Thorne has been hired to script Joseph Gordon-Levitt's upcoming "The Sandman" film.

COMIC REEL: Gordon-Levitt on

COMIC REEL: Gordon-Levitt on "Sandman"; "The Walking Dead" Spinoff Status

Joseph Gordon-Levitt teases "The Sandman" film; AMC execs update on "The Walking Dead" spinoff series and more.

COMIC REEL: Gordon-Levitt On Board For

COMIC REEL: Gordon-Levitt On Board For "Sandman"; Wolverine's New "Days of Future Past" Suit

Joseph Gordon-Levitt to produce "Sandman"; a new look at Wolverine's "X-Men: Days of Future Past" uniform; "Ant-Man" rumors & more.

Gordon-Levitt Attached to

Gordon-Levitt Attached to "Sandman" Film as Producer, Possible Star

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is reportedly "finalizing" a deal to produce a "Sandman" adaptation with David Goyer, and possibly star in the film.

RUMOR: David Goyer Pitched

RUMOR: David Goyer Pitched "Sandman" Movie Starring Gordon-Levitt

A new rumor has "Man of Steel" writer David S. Goyer in talks to adapt "Sandman" for Warner Bros., with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the title role.


COMIC REEL: "Amazing Spider-Man 2" Viral Site Teases Plot; "Sandman" Project Rumors

The Daily Bugle viral website teases "Amazing Spider-Man 2" plot; "Sandman" movie rumors begin to surface; plus clips, teasers & more.

Gaiman Talks

Gaiman Talks "Sandman: Overture," Creative Process, Serial Storytelling & Movie Hopes

Neil Gaiman discusses his return to serialized storytelling with "Sandman: Overture," working with J.H. Williams III, the potential movie and much more.

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