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Comics A.M. - Inaugural Indiana Comic Con Draws 15,000

Comics A.M. - Inaugural Indiana Comic Con Draws 15,000

Indiana Comic Con sold out on Saturday! It was a chilly February for direct market sales! Kevin Eastman draws "Scratch9" variant! Denny O'Neil and Roger Stern!

PRESS RELEASE: "Scratch9" & Bo Obama Team Up in FCBD Issue from Hermes Press

PRESS RELEASE: "Scratch9" Gets Bookshelf Edition from Hermes Press


EXCL PREVIEW: "Scratch9: Cat Tails" #2

Hermes Press has given CBR an exclusive preview of Rob M. Worley's all-ages "Scratch9: Cat Tails" #2 available in September, featuring a cadre of artists & a short story by "Reed Gunther's" Houghton Brothers.

PRESS RELEASE: "Scratch9" Returns on Free Comic Book Day

PRESS RELEASE: Hermes Press Acquires Superhero Cat "Scratch9"

PRESS RELEASE: First Issue of Scratch9 Sells Out from Ape Entertainment

Pipeline - 8/24/2010

Pipeline - 8/24/2010

Augie travels back in time to Marvel's "Infinity Gauntlet" days, reliving his comics youth and finding early reaction to the story from the internet at the time. Plus, reviews of "Mesmo Delivery" and "Scratch9" #1.

CCI: Ape Entertainment Spotlights Kizoic Titles

CCI: Ape Entertainment Spotlights Kizoic Titles

A dedicated crowd gathered at Comic-Con International to learn about Ape Entertainment’s all-ages Kizoic imprint and their deal to turn DreamWorks Animation titles into comics.

PRESS RELEASE: "Scratch9" to Debut at Comic-Con

PRESS RELEASE: "Scratch9" Gets a Wondrous New Look


PREVIEW: "Scratch9" #2

Courtesy of Ape Entertainment's Kizoic label, CBR presents a preview of the second issue of their all-ages series "Scratch 9," created and written by Rob M. Worley with Jason T. Kruse on art and a cover by Mike Kunkel.

Rob Worley's

Rob Worley's "Scratch9" Lives

Rob Worley's new all-ages KiZoic miniseries follows the adventures of a kitty who can summon all nine of his lives to aid him in the sorts of things cats do - up to and including foiling a mad scientist's evil plans.

Mike Kunkel Covers

Mike Kunkel Covers "Scratch9"

Ape Entertainment has announced the second title from the publisher's kid-friendly KiZoic imprint. "Scratch9" comes from writer/creator Rob Worley and artist Jason T. Kruse and features covers by Eisner-winner Mike Kunkel.