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Comics A.M. - Why Two Dealers Paid $3.2M For

Comics A.M. - Why Two Dealers Paid $3.2M For "Action Comics" #1

Owners of Metropolis Collectibles say it was "a good price"! Sega has a gripe with Square Enix, "Hi Score Girl"! New volume of "One Piece" to debut with 4 million copies!

Archie Redesigns

Archie Redesigns "Sonic The Hedgehog"

After 20 years, Archie's Sonic & friends gets a video game-inspired facelift. Writer Ian Flynn and editor Paul Kaminski detail the future of the franchise.

CCI: Archie Unites Sonic and Mega Man

CCI: Archie Unites Sonic and Mega Man

Archie Comics discussed the upcoming comics crossover between gaming icons Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man and teased future developments for both characters during a special at CCI 2012.

Sonic Meets Mega Man In First Ever Archie Comics Crossover

Sonic Meets Mega Man In First Ever Archie Comics Crossover

Sega and Capcom's iconic video game characters Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man collide in next year's 12-part crossover from Archie Comics and the writer of both characters' ongoing series, Ian Flynn.


WayForward's "Aliens" Infest the Nintendo DS

CBR News discussed "Aliens: Infestation" with director Adam Tierney and producer Jeff Pomegranate who explained what is involved in bringing the legendary sci-fi franchise to a new portable gaming experience.

Going on the Run With

Going on the Run With "Aliens: Colonial Marines"

CBR News scoped out the first-person shooter "Aliens: Colonial Marines" from SEGA & Gearbox Software and spoke with "Minister of Art" Brian Cozzens about the game's design.

PRESS RELEASE: SEGA Readies Thor & Captain America Games for Nintendo 3DS

Hands On with

Hands On with "Aliens: Infestation"

In space, no one can hear you scream, but CBR News yelled plenty as we played through SEGA’s upcoming Nintendo DS title "Aliens: Infestation," featuring designs by comic artist Chris Bachalo.

Take on Hydra in

Take on Hydra in "Captain America: Super Soldier"

In "Captain America: Super Soldier," players take on the role of Steve Rogers to face off with Hydra agents led by Armin Zola & the Red Skull. We spoke with Sega producer Morgan Roberts about the game.

Cozzens Deploys

Cozzens Deploys "Aliens: Colonial Marines"

CBR News speaks with Gearbox Software's Brian Cozzens about the upcoming video game from Sega based on the Fox film franchise.

PRESS RELEASE: "Captain America: Super Soldier" Dossier #1

Preview: SEGA's

Preview: SEGA's "Captain America: Super Soldier"

CBR News previewed SEGA's upcoming "Captain America: Super Soldier" video game which ties into the upcoming Marvel Studios film and weighs in on whether the Captain makes the grade.

SEGA Releases New

SEGA Releases New "Captain America: Super Soldier" Trailer

SEGA has debuted a new "prologue trailer" for "Captain America: Super Soldier," the July 19 releasing video game based on the upcoming Cap movie starring Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving.

Spider-Man's Top 10 Video Game Appearances

Spider-Man's Top 10 Video Game Appearances

The webslinger's starred in numerous games over the years, but which is his greatest? With "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" arriving later this year, CBR dug down to choose Spidey's Top 10 video games!

PRESS RELEASE: SEGA and Marvel Entertainment Launch "Thor: God of Thunder" on Five Platforms

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of SEGA's

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of SEGA's "Thor"

Video game publisher SEGA has released a special behind the scenes video for "Thor: God of Thunder" revealing the games' influences beyond the movie and new footage from the anticipated release.

Gage Brings Captain America to Video Games

Gage Brings Captain America to Video Games

You don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind and according to writer Christos Gage, when making a video game about an iconic Marvel character, you "do not take liberties with Captain America!"


New "Thor," "Captain America" & "X-Men" Game Pics

SEGA has released new screenshots for their "Thor: God of Thunder" and "Captain America: The First Avenger" movie tie-in games while Activision has released new shots and character info for "X-Men Destiny."

CBR Previews SEGA's

CBR Previews SEGA's "Thor," "Captain America" Games

CBR News previewed SEGA's upcoming "Thor" and "Captain America" movie tie-in games and spoke with the developers about their goals in adapting Marvel's cinematic universe to the gaming screen.

SEGA Signs Evans for

SEGA Signs Evans for "Captain America" Game

SEGA has announced Chris Evans will reprise his role as Steve Rogers, voicing Captain America for the "Captain America: Super Soldier" movie tie-in video game while releasing four new screenshots from the game.

Hemsworth, Hiddleston Join SEGA's

Hemsworth, Hiddleston Join SEGA's "Thor" Cast

SEGA has announced that Chris Hemsorth and Tom Hiddleston will reprise their roles from "Thor" in the company's video game tie-in to the heavily anticipated Marvel Studios movie.

SEGA Announces

SEGA Announces "Captain America" Game

SEGA will team with Marvel Entertainment to bring the adventures of "Captain America: The First Avenger" to video game consoles. The game, set for an early 2011 release, will feature an original story by Christos Gage.

SEGA Talks

SEGA Talks "Iron Man 2" Game

With “Iron Man 2: The Video Game” arriving in stores next week, SEGA's Michael McHale recently talked to CBR about how the game -- which features story work by Matt Fraction -- is more than just a movie tie-in.

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of "Iron Man 2: The Game"

SEGA has released a brand new behind-the-scenes video for their "Iron Man 2" video game, featuring footage of Ultimo and the Crimson Dynamo in action.

PRESS RELEASE: Iron Man 2: The Video Game to Feature Music by Heavy Metal Stars Lamb of God

CCI: Fraction to Write

CCI: Fraction to Write "Iron Man 2" Video Game

Matt Fraction will be creating the "Iron Man 2" game's all-new story, which will include familiar elements from both the movie and comic book universes. The game can be seen at Comic-Con in San Diego.

PRESS RELEASE: Sega's Games Lineup at San Diego Comic Con 2009

Incredible Hulk Game Smashes into Stores Today

Incredible Hulk Game Smashes into Stores Today

CBR speaks with SEGA's Erica Mason about "The Incredible Hulk" video game. In stores now, the game combines elements from the film and the comics, allowing gamers to play as Red Hulk and other versions.


New "Incredible Hulk" Game Trailer

Sega has released the latest trailer for the upcoming "Incredible Hulk" game, which ties into the upcoming film and features the voice talent of the Marvel movie's headlining cast members. UPDATED

Sega Releases

Sega Releases "Incredible Hulk" Game Screens

SEGA of America today released a bunch of new screenshots from the June debuting video game "The Incredible Hulk," which ties into the upcoming feature film starring Edward Norton and Tim Roth.

PRESS RELEASE: SEGA's Iron Man game hits stores


NYCC: VIDEO - New "Iron Man" Game Trailer

Sega of America has unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming "Iron Man" video game, exclusive to New York Comic Con visitors, but we've got a look at it for those of you who can't make it to the show.

Iron Man Game to Feature New + Classic Suits

Iron Man Game to Feature New + Classic Suits

SEGA has released images of all the unlockable and platform-exclusive suits from "Iron Man," the new video game based on the classic Marvel Comics hero and upcoming film.

Stars to Voice

Stars to Voice "Incredible Hulk" Video Game + New Screenshots

Edward Norton, Liv Tyler and the stars of "The Incredible Hulk" will lend their voices to the film's video game adaptation, from which we have a gallery of new screenshots.

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