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PRESS RELEASE: "The Age of the Sentry" begins in September

PRESS RELEASE: "Age of the Sentry" online for free at Marvel DCU

WW Philly: Paniccia and Parker on

WW Philly: Paniccia and Parker on "Age of the Sentry"

CBR spoke with co-writer Jeff Parker about September's "Age of the Sentry" mini-series which chronicles unrevealed tales of the Avenger while revering and satirizing Silver Age style storytelling.

Pipeline - 5/28/2008

Pipeline - 5/28/2008

Augie talks about the high prices of comics and what they might mean for the future. Is it a natural cycle? Could a radical shift in publishing formats result? Also, a review of "Studio Space" and possible Sentry plot lines for "Avengers" fans.

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