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Lemire Gives

Lemire Gives "Green Arrow" His Arch(er) Enemy

In Komodo, Jeff Lemire has introduced a new arch-nemesis for DC's Green Arrow. The writer spoke with CBR about his plans for the villain, his daughter and a new team of Outsiders being developed with Ann Nocenti.

Celina Jade Casts A Shado On

Celina Jade Casts A Shado On "Arrow"

Hong Kong action star Celina Jade is kicking and flipping her way into The CW's "Arrow," and she explains how her Shado is a different fighter from the comics and what it's like to be the daughter of an action star.

Jeff Lemire Targets

Jeff Lemire Targets "Green Arrow"

Jeff Lemire discusses his and artist Andrea Sorentino's run on "Green Arrow," the effect the popularity of the CW's "Arrow" show has on his stories, dismisses rumors of his leaving "Justice League Dark" and more.

Pipeline - 10/7/2008

Pipeline - 10/7/2008

Augie reviews a Green Arrow classic and then proceeds to cut his way through the front half of the latest "Previews" catalog to see if cover prices have gone up,as he once suggested they would in December in today's PIPELINE!