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PRESS RELEASE: Image's "27" Returns for Second Storyarc

Valentino Shines a Light on Shadowline

Valentino Shines a Light on Shadowline

Shadowline founder Jim Valentino spoke with CBR about "Morning Glories," "27" and other successful books in 2010, future titles including "The Infinite Vacation" and "Green Wake," and Shadowline's publishing process.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics and Shadowline Thank "Morning Glories" Fans with Specially Priced Trade and Price Drop

PRESS RELEASE: Rockstar Tries to Survive His Talent in Image Comics' "27"

PRESS RELEASE: Jane Wiedlin's "Lady Robotika" Lands in San Francisco

PRESS RELEASE: Jane Wiedlin and Bill Morrison's "Lady Robotika" Now Available for Pre-Order

PRESS RELEASE: Shadowline and Image Comics Release "Fractured Fables"

Jane Wiedlin & Bill Morrison Get celestial with

Jane Wiedlin & Bill Morrison Get celestial with "Lady Robotika"

Jane Wiedlin (The Go-Go's) and Bill Morrison (Bongo Comics) blast off this July with the out-of-this-world space adventure "Lady Robotika" from Shadowline and Image Comics.

Shadowline & Image Release

Shadowline & Image Release "Fractured Fables"

Some our most beloved fairy tales get a fresh perspective this July with the release of "Fractured Fables," an all-new anthology from Shadowline and Image Comics.

Jeff Mariotte Talks

Jeff Mariotte Talks "Fade To Black"

The author of the upcoming miniseries from Image Comics and Shadowline spoke with CBR News about the dangers of the desert, the hollow men of Hollywood and the cravings of cannibals. Plus, exclusive art!

Visiting Spencer's

Visiting Spencer's "Shuddertown"

The "Existence" and "Forgetless" writer spoke with CBR News about his upcoming Image Comics/Shadowline miniseries, which focuses on a homicide detective investigating murders that are seemingly commited by the dead.

PRESS RELEASE: YALSA Nominates Cavallaro's "Parade (With Fireworks) For Teen Award

Nick Spencer's

Nick Spencer's "Existence 3.0"

The writer and co-creator of Image and Shadowline's "Existence" franchise speaks with CBR News about returning characters, new voices and various twists and turns to be found in the upcoming second miniseries, "Existence 3.0."

Lieberman & Rossmo's

Lieberman & Rossmo's "Cowboy Ninja Viking"

Series creators A. J. Lieberman and Riley Rossmo talk to CBR about "Cowboy Ninja Viking," a book about a covert agent who happens to have multiple personality disorder...and that doesn't even scratch the new series' surface.

Nick Spencer Wants You To Remember

Nick Spencer Wants You To Remember "Forgetless"

The author of the upcoming Image Comics/Shadowline miniseries talks to CBR News about assassins, girls, dance parties and the seedy underbelly of New York City's party scene.

Jimmie Robinson Talks Bomb Queen Vs. Obama!

Jimmie Robinson Talks Bomb Queen Vs. Obama!

Jimmie Robinson’s Bomb Queen faces a post-Bush world where her new enemy will be her greatest yet: President Obama, in an appearance that turns the Obama comics trend upside down. We spoke with Robinson.

Dolce, Perry & Navarro Talk

Dolce, Perry & Navarro Talk "Descendant"

Creators Mike Dolce, Marcus Perry and Mariano Navarro talk about their new Shadowline book “Descendant,” and the role that bananas played in the creation of a pyrokinetic counter terrorist agent.

Joshua Williamson's Comics, TV & Film

Joshua Williamson's Comics, TV & Film

His Desperado series “Necessary Evil” is in development at Cartoon Network, and his all-ages “Dear Dracula” just got optioned as a film. CBR talks to Joshua Williamson about comics and Hollywood.

Williamson Digs Up

Williamson Digs Up "Johnny Monster"

"Dear Dracula" writer Joshua Williamson's new miniseries "Johnny Monster" follows a heroic young boy who fights the monsters of beneath the Earth. The only problem is, those monsters raised him in the first place...

Webcomics To Watch: McGinley on

Webcomics To Watch: McGinley on "Hannibal Goes to Rome"

Wisecracking history buff Brendan McGinley recounts his experiences taking his webcomic "Hannibal" from Zuda to Shadowline and explains why ancient history can be so hilarious.

PRESS RELEASE: "Platinum Grit" joins Image's Shadowline

PRESS RELEASE: Image's all ages graphic novel line continues with "Kite Day"

Shady Talks

Shady Talks "Missing The Boat"

Justin Shady imagines a species simply too lazy to live in “Missing The Boat,” an all-ages graphic novel from Shadowline that explains what happened to the creatures that didn't make it in time to catch Noah's Ark.

PRESS RELEASE: Image's "Savage," "I Hate Gallant Girl" sell out

PRESS RELEASE: Image announces Ted Mckeever's third volume of "Metropol"

PRESS RELEASE: Third Ted McKeever Library, "Metropol!", released by Shadowline

Bechko & Hardman Go to

Bechko & Hardman Go to "Heathentown"

Shrouded in darkness and mystery, the Everglades are the setting for Corinna Sara Bechko and Gabriel Hardman's “Heathentown,” a new graphic novel in which many grisly secrets are uncovered deep in the Florida swamps.

Mariotte On The Case in

Mariotte On The Case in "Zombie Cop"

Being a big city cop is hard enough without a zombie plague, but as a zombie himself, Detective Joe Mundy has it even harder. Writer Jeff Mariotte talks to CBR about the new graphic novel.

PRESS RELEASE: Shadowline Collects Serial Killer Driven mini-series "The Roberts" in February

PRESS RELEASE: "Archibald Chases the Dragon" at Image's Shadowline

Cahill & Damoose on I Hate Gallant Girl

Cahill & Damoose on I Hate Gallant Girl

Renée Tempete was just a superhero wannabe who entered a pageant to become the next Gallant Girl. She lost. Creators Cat Cahill & Seth Damoose talk to CBR about "I Hate Gallant Girl."

Williamson Addresses Dear Dracula

Williamson Addresses Dear Dracula

Step aside, Santa Claus, because it’s Halloween and there’s one little boy who’s writing a letter that starts with the words “Dear Dracula.” Writer Joshua Williamson talks to CBR about his unique children’s graphic novel.

PRESS RELEASE: Silverline: All-ages OGN Reveals Final Fate of Forgotten Churamane!

PRESS RELEASE: Shadowline expands Image's new webcomics line

More Image Solicitations for December, 2008

More Image Solicitations for December, 2008

Image studios Top Cow and Shadowline have released additional graphics and solicitation information for new comics on sale in December, including "Impaler" #1, "PX! Book 2: In Service of the Queen" and much more.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics' all ages Silverline Books imprint debuts in October

PRESS RELEASE: Michael Cavallaro's "Parade (With Fireworks)" gets collected

PRESS RELEASE: Shadowline tell the world "I Hate Galaxy Girl"

Bigfoot Shoes to Fill: Wickline talks

Bigfoot Shoes to Fill: Wickline talks "Savage"

CBR talks to writer Dan Wickline about the process of script-doctoring the new Bigfoot/Werewolf miniseries, “Savage,” created by Jeff Frank, Steve Niles and Mike Mayhew and published by Shadowline/Image.

MacPherson & Barentine Have an

MacPherson & Barentine Have an "M-Theory"

What happens when three peopke receive tidings of doom from a mysterious and extra-terrestrial source? "Edgar Allan Poo" writer Dwight MacPherson & artist Mike Barentine reveal the answer in "M-Theory."