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Williamson Addresses Dear Dracula

Williamson Addresses Dear Dracula

Step aside, Santa Claus, because it’s Halloween and there’s one little boy who’s writing a letter that starts with the words “Dear Dracula.” Writer Joshua Williamson talks to CBR about his unique children’s graphic novel.

PRESS RELEASE: Silverline: All-ages OGN Reveals Final Fate of Forgotten Churamane!

PRESS RELEASE: Shadowline expands Image's new webcomics line

More Image Solicitations for December, 2008

More Image Solicitations for December, 2008

Image studios Top Cow and Shadowline have released additional graphics and solicitation information for new comics on sale in December, including "Impaler" #1, "PX! Book 2: In Service of the Queen" and much more.

PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics' all ages Silverline Books imprint debuts in October

PRESS RELEASE: Michael Cavallaro's "Parade (With Fireworks)" gets collected

PRESS RELEASE: Shadowline tell the world "I Hate Galaxy Girl"

Bigfoot Shoes to Fill: Wickline talks

Bigfoot Shoes to Fill: Wickline talks "Savage"

CBR talks to writer Dan Wickline about the process of script-doctoring the new Bigfoot/Werewolf miniseries, “Savage,” created by Jeff Frank, Steve Niles and Mike Mayhew and published by Shadowline/Image.

MacPherson & Barentine Have an

MacPherson & Barentine Have an "M-Theory"

What happens when three peopke receive tidings of doom from a mysterious and extra-terrestrial source? "Edgar Allan Poo" writer Dwight MacPherson & artist Mike Barentine reveal the answer in "M-Theory."

PRESS RELEASE: "Bruce: The Little Blue Spruce" finds a home at Image's Shadowline

PRESS RELEASE: "Hannibal Goes To Rome" debuts online through Image's Shadowline

PRESS RELEASE: Image/Shadowline announces "M-Theory"

Robinson talks 20 Issues of

Robinson talks 20 Issues of "Bomb Queen"

Jimmie Robinson's anarchic black comedy about a society of supervillains reaches its 20th issue with "Bomb Queen V," the latest six-issue miniseries from Shadowline/Image Comics. We spoke with Robinson about the cult series.

Just A Girl (with Superpowers): Hoseley & Humphreys talk

Just A Girl (with Superpowers): Hoseley & Humphreys talk "Vix"

Rantz Hoseley ("Comic Book Tattoo") and newcomer Matt Humphreys talk to CBR News about their new Shadowline mini "Vix," a story about a teen girl with superpowers she actually likes.

PRESS RELEASE: Critically acclaimed "Cemetary Blues" now available online