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PRESS RELEASE: Image Comics' all ages Silverline Books imprint debuts in October

PRESS RELEASE: Michael Cavallaro's "Parade (With Fireworks)" gets collected

PRESS RELEASE: Shadowline tell the world "I Hate Galaxy Girl"

Bigfoot Shoes to Fill: Wickline talks

Bigfoot Shoes to Fill: Wickline talks "Savage"

CBR talks to writer Dan Wickline about the process of script-doctoring the new Bigfoot/Werewolf miniseries, “Savage,” created by Jeff Frank, Steve Niles and Mike Mayhew and published by Shadowline/Image.

MacPherson & Barentine Have an

MacPherson & Barentine Have an "M-Theory"

What happens when three peopke receive tidings of doom from a mysterious and extra-terrestrial source? "Edgar Allan Poo" writer Dwight MacPherson & artist Mike Barentine reveal the answer in "M-Theory."

PRESS RELEASE: "Bruce: The Little Blue Spruce" finds a home at Image's Shadowline

PRESS RELEASE: "Hannibal Goes To Rome" debuts online through Image's Shadowline

PRESS RELEASE: Image/Shadowline announces "M-Theory"

Robinson talks 20 Issues of

Robinson talks 20 Issues of "Bomb Queen"

Jimmie Robinson's anarchic black comedy about a society of supervillains reaches its 20th issue with "Bomb Queen V," the latest six-issue miniseries from Shadowline/Image Comics. We spoke with Robinson about the cult series.

Just A Girl (with Superpowers): Hoseley & Humphreys talk

Just A Girl (with Superpowers): Hoseley & Humphreys talk "Vix"

Rantz Hoseley ("Comic Book Tattoo") and newcomer Matt Humphreys talk to CBR News about their new Shadowline mini "Vix," a story about a teen girl with superpowers she actually likes.

PRESS RELEASE: Critically acclaimed "Cemetary Blues" now available online