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EXCL PREVIEW: "Scratch9: Cat Tails" #2

Hermes Press has given CBR an exclusive preview of Rob M. Worley's all-ages "Scratch9: Cat Tails" #2 available in September, featuring a cadre of artists & a short story by "Reed Gunther's" Houghton Brothers.

Houghton Spills His Guts on

Houghton Spills His Guts on "Fanboys Vs. Zombies"

Writer Shane Houghton spoke to CBR about taking over the apocalyptically tongue-in-cheek "Fanboys Vs. Zombies" at BOOM! and teases big things headed toward the Wrecking Crew -- maybe even a nuke.

PRESS RELEASE: "Peanuts" #1 Coming in January from BOOM!

PRESS RELEASE: Jim Hanley's Universe Hosts pre-NYCC Signing Event

PRESS RELEASE: "Reed Gunther" Lassos a New Home at Image