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Diving Into Lewis'

Diving Into Lewis' "Sharknife"-Infested Waters

Corey "The Rey" Lewis spoke with CBR about his upcoming third volume of "Sharknife," the creative process involved in developing his unique projects and what comprises his current kung fu comics arsenal.

Lewis Levels Up With

Lewis Levels Up With "Sharknife Double Z"

Corey Lewis' long-awaited "Sharknife Double Z" tears through comic shops in February. We spoke with Lewis about the sequel's long road to publication, the growth of the fighter's universe, updates on "Seedless" and more.

Corey Lewis on Sharknife, Rival Schools & Seedless

Corey Lewis on Sharknife, Rival Schools & Seedless

Fan favorite cartoonist Corey Lewis updates CBR on his Oni Press book "Sharknife," details the saga of UDON's "Rival Schools," and discusses his popular webcomics strip "Seedless."