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Brian Michael Bendis on The

Brian Michael Bendis on The "Surreal" 15-Year Odyssey of the "Powers" TV Series

The "Powers" co-creator talks with CBR News about the Sony TV series, casting the show and how the long road to production worked in its favor.


New "Powers" Trailer Empowers Sharlto Copley, Eddie Izzard

Christian Walker & Deena Pilgrim will encounter power-enhancing drugs, power-dampening tech and the menace of Wolf on the PlayStation Network series.

"Powers" Star Sharlto Copley: "This Christian Walker Misses His Abilities - And His Fame"

Copley offers a fresh twist on the familiar Bendis/Oeming character: he used to be a superstar, and he's more than a little bitter about it.


New "Powers" Trailer Promises That Everyone Has a Choice

Christian Walker (Sharlto Copley) gets a bird's eye view of Chicago in a new official trailer for Playstation's "Powers."

NYCC: PlayStation Unveils Oeming-Esque

NYCC: PlayStation Unveils Oeming-Esque "Powers" Poster

The incoming digital TV series shows off lead actors Susan Heyward and Sharlto Copley in the style of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming's comic.

First Look at Walker & Pilgrim in PlayStation Network's

First Look at Walker & Pilgrim in PlayStation Network's "Powers"

Check out the first glimpse of Sharlto Copley and Susan Heyward as duo Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim in PlayStation Network's "Powers" television series.

"Powers" Casts Copley in Lead Role, Forbes as Retro Girl

Sony's live-action "Powers" series has its Christian Walker: "District 9" star Sharlto Copley. Plus, Michelle Forbes joins as Retro Girl.

Protosevich Discusses Challenges of

Protosevich Discusses Challenges of "Oldboy" Adaptation

Screenwriter Mark Protosevich discusses the challenge of bringing "Oldboy" to mainstream audiences, while retaining the core of the original.

Spinoff Review:

Spinoff Review: "Elysium"

"Elysium," the new sci-fi film from "District 9" writer/director Neill Blomkamp, is packed with big ideas and beautiful imagery, but ultimately lacks heart and soul.


CCI: "Elysium" Director and Stars Debut Footage and Talk Themes

Joined by stars Matt Damon, Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley in Hall H at Comic-Con International, "Elysium" director Neill Blomkamp debuted footage of his highly anticipated follow-up to "District 9."