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REVIEW: Duggan & Crystal's

REVIEW: Duggan & Crystal's "Arkham Manor" #1

Gerry Duggan and Shawn Crystal's "Arkham Manor" #1 contains "a slow but careful setup, with some different-looking and pleasing art."

"Arkham Manor" & "Gotham Academy" Ongoings Hit Bat-books in October

Gerry Duggan & Shawn Crystal's "Arkham Manor" and Becky Cloonan, Brendan Fletcher & Karl Kerschl's "Gotham Academy" will debut in October.

Axel-In-Charge - 7/12/2013

Axel-In-Charge - 7/12/2013

With a wave of announcements hitting this week centering on imprints in the Marvel line, Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso explains the modern pitch for Marvel Knights and the story behind "Fantomex MAX."

SDCC 2013 EXCLUSIVE: Hope Gives

SDCC 2013 EXCLUSIVE: Hope Gives "Fantomex" the "MAX" Treatment

As Comic-Con International 2013 approaches, writer Andrew Hope spoke exclusively with CBR News about his return to comics after a 10-year absence to construct "Fantomex MAX" for Marvel Comics.


X-POSITION: Way Gives "Deadpool" New Life

"Deadpool" writer Daniel Way answers reader e-mails about the mercenary's new status in light of "Dead," and he gives tips on dental hygiene to X-POSITION. Plus exclusive art.

Wade Wilson Is

Wade Wilson Is "Reborn" In Way's "Deadpool"

CBR News spoke with "Deadpool" writer Daniel Way about the current "Reborn" story arc where the Merc With a Mouth discovers life without a healing factor is more dangerous than he thought.

Where The Hell Am I - 1/26/2011

Where The Hell Am I - 1/26/2011

Jason Aaron is joined by some of his comic book friends to illustrate the importance of having your own work space when you live a freelancer's life, be it a room in your house, an office park rental or something else.

Talking Comics with Shawn Crystal

Talking Comics with Shawn Crystal

ROBOT 6's Tim O'Shea spoke with SCAD professor and artist Shawn Crystal about "Wolverine & Deadpool: The Decoy," a digital-only comic written by Stuart Moore, as well as writers and artists to watch this year.

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