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In Your Face Jam - 3/12/2014

In Your Face Jam - 3/12/2014

Writer Brett White breaks down how the latest episode of "Agents of SHIELD" captured some of Marvel's big screen magic.

Jaimie Alexander on Sif's

Jaimie Alexander on Sif's "Agents of SHIELD" Role, Hope for Lady Loki Appearance

Jaimie Alexander discusses playing Sif on "Agents of SHIELD," and tells CBR she'd love to explore the character further, or even introduce Lady Loki.

"Agents of SHIELD" Showrunners on Paxton, Deathlok, Sif & More Surprises to Come

Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon tell CBR News "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" "is only going to get better" in the remainder of its opening season.

Sif Meets Lola in Upcoming

Sif Meets Lola in Upcoming "Agents of SHIELD" Episode

The first image from Jaimie Alexander's upcoming guest appearance on "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" features Sif and Agent Coulson's flying car.

FANTASY DRAFT: Marvel's Hollywood-Ready Female Heroes

FANTASY DRAFT: Marvel's Hollywood-Ready Female Heroes

Marvel has a virtual pantheon of amazing female heroes ripe for for film and TV, and CBR picks which characters deserve the Hollywood treatment.

"Agents of SHIELD" Crew Opens Up on Criticism, Expectations & the Remainder of Season One

Stars Clark Gregg & Chloe Bennet, and exec. producers Jeph Loeb, Jeffrey Bell, Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen discuss the future of "SHIELD."

In Your Face Jam - 1/21/2014

In Your Face Jam - 1/21/2014

January has been filled with enough big comic book news to last a whole year, leaving writer Brett White no choice but to examine them all at once.

Sif Moves From

Sif Moves From "Thor" to "Agents of SHIELD" in Upcoming Episode

Jaimie Alexander will bring her "Thor" character to the small screen, with Sif set to guest star on episode 15 of "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD."

I Come Not to Bury Sif, but to Praise Her

I Come Not to Bury Sif, but to Praise Her

With the news that Marvel's "Journey into Mystery" #655 by Kathryn Immonen, Valeria Schiti & Jordie Bellaire is the final issue of the series, ROBOT 6's Carla Hoffman reflects on Sif's brief run in the title.


EXCL FIRST LOOK: "Thor, God of Thunder," #8 "Journey Into Mystery" #652

The casts of Marvel's Asgardian's books expand in May as Beta Ray Bill joins Sif in "Journey Into Mystery" while Thor meets the Girls of Thunder. CBR has an exclusive first look at the cover art and solicitation text.

In Your Face Jam - 2/6/2013

In Your Face Jam - 2/6/2013

After looking at Marvel's recent sales figures, writer Brett White went into a possibly over-reactive panic about the publisher's female-led ongoing series and decided to write a call-to-arms.

Immonen Embarks Upon a

Immonen Embarks Upon a "Journey Into Mystery"

With November's "Journey Into Mystery" #646, the focus of the title shifts from Loki to the Asgardian warrior goddess Sif. We spoke with new writer Kathryn Immonen about her plans for the series and character.

"Thor: The Dark World" Battle Scene Revealed in Set Video

New video from the Bourne Wood set of "Thor: The Dark World" offers another look at stars Chris Hemsworth and Jaimie Alexander in a battle scene from the Marvel sequel.

Mighty Marvel Women Who Deserve Their Own Movies

Mighty Marvel Women Who Deserve Their Own Movies

With the continuing success of "The Avengers" leading to heightened fan-hope for a Black Widow movie, CBR looks at the rest of Marvel's female pantheon to see who else could anchor her own action film.

DeConnick On

DeConnick On "Sif," "Rescue" and "Girl Comics"

This spring, writer Kelly Sue DeConnick shines the spotlight on three of Marvel's female characters with the one-shots "Sif" and "Rescue" and short story featuring Satana in issue #3 of "Girl Comics."

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