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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: The Spectre Haunts "Batman Eternal" #29

Only the Spectre can stop Hell from bursting out of Arkham Asylum in DC Comics' "Batman Eternal" #29 by Snyder, Tynion, Fawkes and Coleby.

Gordon Rennie Expands

Gordon Rennie Expands "Rogue Trooper's" World In "Jaegir"

Writer Gordon Ronnie expands Dave Gibbons' "Rogue Trooper" universe, and explains why he gender-flipped his antagonist from the original concept.

Williams Explores Superpower Distribution in

Williams Explores Superpower Distribution in "Ordinary" and "The Royals"

Rob Williams discusses bringing super-powers to Buckingham Palace in Vertigo's "The Royals" and giving them to all but one in Titan's "Ordinary."

REVIEW: Williams & Coleby's

REVIEW: Williams & Coleby's "The Royals: Masters of War" #1

Rob Williams & Simon Coleby's superpowered comic "The Royals: Masters of War" #1 is "a fresh, unexpected tale filled with familiar notions."

Rob Williams Declares

Rob Williams Declares "The Royals: Masters of War"

"2000 A.D." creators Rob Williams & Simon Coleby make their Vertigo debut with "The Royals," a superpowered monarchy set against the backdrop of World War II.

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