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Harryhausen's "Sinbad" - From Movies to Comics to Movies

ROBOT 6's Michael May untangles the history of Ray Harryhausen's "Sinbad," tracing it from it's origins in the movies to the current Bluewater comics and back to movies once again.

Edginton Ignites

Edginton Ignites "Aladdin's" Lamp

Comics writer Ian Edginton talked with CBR News about uniting a pair of classic heroes in "Aladdin: Legacy of the Lost," the inspiration behind their pairing and the unique challenges involved in developing Radical's newest project.

Permanent Damage - 11/19/2008

Permanent Damage - 11/19/2008

Steven Grant comes to the rescue of a new writer uncertain of where to start his story, reviews the latest comics-related books, digs up another Kubert rarity and spreads holiday cheer in this week's PERMANENT DAMAGE.

PRESS RELEASE: Go Hero, Bluewater Prod. announce new line of action figures