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"Sleepy Hollow" EP Hints at Rising Forces and New Ghouls

Executive Producer Mark Goffman discusses Ichabod and Abbie's upcoming struggles and talks "Sleepy Hollow" Season Three possibilities.

Matt Barr Channels Indiana Jones For

Matt Barr Channels Indiana Jones For "Sleepy Hollow's" Nick Hawley

Ahead of tonight's episode, "Kali Yuga," the actor talks with SPINOFF about Hawley's backstory and his bromance with Ichabod Crane.

Fox Expects

Fox Expects "Sleepy Hollow" To Shift From Serialized To Episodic Stories

If the fan favorite hit wants a third season, it'll have to return to the fun, single episode adventures of its first year.

"Sleepy Hollow’s" Nicole Beharie Opens Up About Abbie’s "Difficult Journey"

The actress discusses tonight's "big episode," her chemistry with co-star Tom Mison, and recruiting Matt Barr's bad boy Nick Hawley to the cause.

TOYING AROUND: DC's New 52, She-Hulk, Plenty of Pops & More!

TOYING AROUND: DC's New 52, She-Hulk, Plenty of Pops & More!

This week in toys, figures and collectibles brought a rollerskating Harley Quinn, Domos dressed as Ghostbusters and a whole lot more.

CBR TV: Bennett Talks Breaking into Comics, Gaining Momentum & Long Term Plans

CBR TV: Bennett Talks Breaking into Comics, Gaining Momentum & Long Term Plans

Rising star writer Marguerite Bennett talks about her increasingly busy schedule, working with huge names and BOOM!'s "Sleepy Hollow" series.

SDCC: The Return of

SDCC: The Return of "Women Who Kick Ass"

EW's "Women Who Kick Ass" presentation assembled Katey Sagal, Sarah Paulson, Tatiana Maslany, Nicole Beharie, Maisie Williams and Natalie Dorme.

EXCLUSIVE: Marguerite Bennett Wakens

EXCLUSIVE: Marguerite Bennett Wakens "Sleepy Hollow" at BOOM!

Marguerite Bennett discusses her and artist Jorge Coelho's "Sleepy Hollow" comic, which takes place between the episodes of the hit Fox show.

"Sleepy Hollow's" Nicole Beharie Teases Sacrifices, 'Mad Hunt' of Season Finale

Nicole Beharie discusses "Sleepy Hollow's" popularity and tonight's two-part season finale: "I don't think people will expect what we uncover."


NYCC: "Sleepy Hollow" Creators, Stars Divulge Secrets of Supernatural Drama

Co-creators Alex Kurtzman and Len Wiseman descended on New York Comic Con along with "Sleepy Hollow" stars Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones and Katia Winter.


SDCC: "Sleepy Hollow" Cast, Crew Lose Their Heads at Comic-Con

Executive producers Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Len Wiseman and the cast and crew of Fox's "Sleepy Hollow" brought the pilot episode of the mystery-adventure of Comic-Con International.

Orlando Jones'

Orlando Jones' "Tainted Love" Borrows A Page from Comic Books

Actor-comedian Orlando Jones talks with Spinoff Online about his comic book-inspired web series "Tainted Love" and his upcoming Fox drama "Sleepy Hollow."