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PRESS RELEASE: He's Got A Nose for Evil "Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer" From SLG In September

PRESS RELEASE: SLG Hosts Creator's Studios IV with Ethan Nicolle, May 16th

PRESS RELEASE: Slave Labor's "Fat Chunk" Anthology Features Zombie-themed Volume 2

PRESS RELEASE: SLG's "Captain Blood" Trailer Released

Slave Labor announces Writing Workshop Classes

Slave Labor announces Writing Workshop Classes

WC: SLG Publishing

WC: SLG Publishing

At last weekend's WonderCon, SLG Publishing's Dan Vado shared information on upcoming titles, talked frankly about the new Diamond minimums, and invited Bay Area fans to two fun events at his headquarters.

PRESS RELEASE: SLG to worship before the "Warlord of Io" this April

PRESS RELEASE: Slave Labor to revivie Creator's Studios seminars

NYCC: Disney Comicsâ¦And Beyond!

NYCC: Disney Comics…And Beyond!

Between offbeat anecdotes and fantasy comic picks, Disney previews its range of comics properties on the way from Gemstone, BOOM! Studios, Slave Labor Graphics and Hyperion Publishing.

PRESS RELEASE: SLG debuts a new luchador hero in "Strongman"

PRESS RELEASE: "Skelebunnies" hop to Slave Labor

PRESS RELEASE: New SLG graphic novel explores San Francisco's Tenderloin

PRESS RELEASE: SLG to host grand opening party for Boutiki art gallery

PRESS RELEASE: "The War At Ellsmere" starts this December at SLG

PRESS RELEASE: "Lulu and Mitzy" explore San Francisco at Slave Labor

PRESS RELEASE: SLave Labor launches new webcomic, "Sparko"

PRESS RELEASE: Slave Labor collects "Ursa Minors" in TPB

CCI: SLG Publishing

CCI: SLG Publishing

SLG head Dan Vado and "Gargoyles" writer Greg Weisman met with fans at Comic-Con International last month to discuss upcoming projects from the publisher and share some bad news for Gargoyles fans.

PRESS RELEASE: Slave Labor launches new webcomics program

PRESS RELEASE: "Spectacular Spider-Man" producers sign all-ages project deal with Slave Labor

PRESS RELEASE: Slave Labor adapts classic "Captain Blood" to comics

PRESS RELEASE: Erin "Zombies Calling" Hicks to sign at SLG booth in SDCC

PRESS RELEASE: Ethan "Chumble Spuzz" Nicolle to sign at SLG booth in San Diego

PRESS RELEASE: "Babysitter" collection is SLG's biggest graphic novel ever

PRESS RELEASE: "MuZz" comes to Slave Labor

PRESS RELEASE: SLG unlocks the "Tiki Joe Mysteries" in July

PRESS RELEASE: Amaze Ink announces "Halo and Sprocket" graphic novella

PRESS RELEASE: Ian and Tyson Smith, SLG present "Dream Maiden Megan"