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"Amazing Spider-Man's" Growing Infestation

In the current "Infested" shorts running in the back pages of "Amazing Spider-Man," the stage is being set for the upcoming Spidey event story "Spider-Island." We spoke with Editor Steve Wacker about the storyline.

TALK TO THE HAT: The Amazing Spider-Franchise

TALK TO THE HAT: The Amazing Spider-Franchise

Tom Brevoort speaks on the current state of Spider-Man from the FCBD special kicking off "Spider-Island" to the difference between today and Brand New Day, while addressing current concerns over Marvel Comics page counts and more!

Johnston Prepares His

Johnston Prepares His "Deadly Hands of Kung Fu" for "Spider-Island"

In "Spider-Island: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu" Shang-Chi must unravel a mystery that could destroy New York City. CBR News spoke exclusively with writer Antony Johnston about the series.

"Spider-Island" Shines Spotlight on Spidey's Rogues Gallery

Dan Slott, Christos Gage, Fred Van Lente, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Minck Oosterveer weave tales of Spidey's greatest enemies in "Spider-Island: Deadly Foes," a one-shot hitting in August.

"Spider-Island" Infects "Venom"

Marvel's Spider-Man summer event "Spider-Island" collides with Rick Remender and Tom Fowler's "Venom" in issue #6 of the ongoing series. Featuring a Tony Moore cover, Flash Thompson visits Spider-Island in August.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Unveils Mike Choi's Cover for "Spider-Island: CLoak & Dagger" #1

Spider-Girl Vacations on

Spider-Girl Vacations on "Spider-Island"

Marvel has announced the return of Anya Corazon in "Spider-Island: The Amazing Spider-Girl," a 3-issue miniseries from writer Paul Tobin and artist Pepe Larraz tying into this summer's major Spider-Man event.

Spencer Visits

Spencer Visits "Spider-Island" with Cloak & Dagger

This summer, Nick Spencer and Emma Rios welcome Cloak & Dagger back to NYC with a new 3-issue miniseries. We spoke with Spencer about the book, which he told CBR exclusively ties into the upcoming "Spider-Island" event.

Slott Sets Sail for

Slott Sets Sail for "Spider-Island"

Writer Dan Slott kicks off the six-part "Spider-Island" epic this summer in the pages of "Amazing Spider-Man." CBR News spoke to Slott about what happens when the citizens of NYC get spider powers.

Marvel Welcomes You to

Marvel Welcomes You to "Spider-Island"

Marvel has announced "Spider-Island," the upcoming Spider-Man event storyline written by Dan Slott with Humberto Ramos on art. The story kicks off May 7 in a Free Comic Book Day copy of "Amazing Spider-Man."

"Amazing Spider-Man" Becomes "Infested"

Marvel has released a teaser for "Infested," a storyline beginning in "Amazing Spider-Man" #659 and running through #666 when "Spider-Island" begins. The journey begins April 27 courtesy of Dan Slott and Stefano Caselli.