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X-POSITION: Peter David Preps

X-POSITION: Peter David Preps "All-New X-Factor" Finale and "2099" Return

Fan-favorite writer Peter David takes time to answer your questions about his decade-long run as X-Factor's boss across several incarnations.

David Embroils

David Embroils "Spider-Man 2099" in the Chaos of "Spider-Verse"

Peter David talks about his "Spider-Verse" tie-in arc, which plunges the title character and "every Spider-Man ever" into a dimension hopping war.


SPIDER-MANDATE: The Debut of "Spider-Woman," Importance of Tie-Ins

Marvel Senior Editor Nick Lowe discusses this week's debut of "Spider-Woman" and the importance of tie-in issues to "Spider-Verse."

EXCLUSIVE: Christopher Gets Up Close & Personal for

EXCLUSIVE: Christopher Gets Up Close & Personal for "Spider-Man 2099" #3 Variant

Check out an exclusive first look at John Tyler Christopher's variant for "Spider-Man 2099" #3, which gives a close look at the hero.

Axel-In-Charge - 7/11/2014

Axel-In-Charge - 7/11/2014

Axel Alonso talks "The Logan Legacy" and "Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier," and comments on the debate surrounding "#FireRickRemender."

REVIEW: David & Sliney's

REVIEW: David & Sliney's "Spider-Man 2099" #1

Peter David and Will Sliney's "Spider-Man 2099" #1 is "a solid debut, and will appeal both to existing fans of the character and new readers."

SPIDER-MANDATE: On the Lowe Road to

SPIDER-MANDATE: On the Lowe Road to "Spider-Verse" & Comic-Con

Spider-Office head Nick Lowe discusses the Black Cat costume redesign, Silk's big debut in "Amazing Spider-Man" #4 and plans for Comic-Con 2014.

SENYC: 75 Years of Marvel With Claremont and David

SENYC: 75 Years of Marvel With Claremont and David

Veteran writers Chris Claremont and Peter David team with Nick Lowe for a freewheeling look back at their personal Marvel histories in New York.

SENYC: Marvel's Next Big Thing

SENYC: Marvel's Next Big Thing

Tom Brevoort and company introduce a new Marvel editor, new details on "AXIS" and more in a wide-ranging discussion on "Avengers," "Spider-Man 2099," "Hawkeye" and more.

PREVIEW: David & Sliney Bring

PREVIEW: David & Sliney Bring "Spider-Man 2099" to the Present

Writer Peter David returns to fan-favorite character Miguel O'Hara with artist Will Sliney for Marvel Comics' "Spider-Man 2099" #1, on sale July 9.


SPIDER-MANDATE: "Learning to Crawl" With Nick Lowe

Editor Nick Lowe joins SPIDER-MANDATE to discuss the importance of "Amazing Spider-Man: Learning to Crawl," tease "Spider-Verse" and share exclusive art.

Lowe Swings into a New

Lowe Swings into a New "Amazing" Era of "Spider-Man"

Editor Nick Lowe discusses the aftermath of "Goblin Nation," the final "Superior Spider-Man" arc, and its impact on Peter Parker's life in "Amazing Spider-Man."

EXCLUSIVE: Leonardi Covers

EXCLUSIVE: Leonardi Covers "Spider-Man 2099" #1

Marvel has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at a "Spider-Man 2099" #1 variant cover by the series' co-creator Rick Leonardi.


From "Future Imperfect" to "2099": Peter David's Greatest Hits

With "All-New X-Factor" in full swing and a new "Spider-Man 2099" on the way, we choose the greatest stories in writer Peter David's lengthy career.

Axel-In-Charge - 3/28/2014

Axel-In-Charge - 3/28/2014

Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso talks "Spider-Verse" -- "the biggest Spider-Man epic of all time" -- and the importance of new creative blood.


David's "Spider-Man 2099" Fights to Reshape the Future

Peter David returns to "Spider-Man 2099" in a new ongoing series that finds Miguel O'Hara stranded in the present and trying to change Marvel's future.

David, Sliney Launch New

David, Sliney Launch New "Spider-Man 2099" Ongoing in July

A new "Spider-Man 2099" ongoing series is set for launch in July with creative team Peter David and Will Sliney at the helm.


PREVIEW: "Necessary Evil" Concludes in "Superior Spider-Man" #19

Courtesy of Marvel, CBR presents an advance preview of "Superior Spider-Man" #19 by Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman. The crossover with Spider-Man 2099 changes Spider-Man forever on Oct. 16!

Axel-In-Charge - 8/30/2013

Axel-In-Charge - 8/30/2013

Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso looks at titles making a big shift from the ending "Avengers Arena" to the earth-bound "Captain America" with stops along the way for Spider-Man 2099 and "A+X."

Slott Brings 2099 to

Slott Brings 2099 to "Superior Spider-Man"

CBR News spoke with "Superior Spider-Man" writer Dan Slott about "Necessary Evil," the new arc that brings Spider-Man 2099 to the present with a huge impact on Spidey's world.

Spider-Man 2099 Poised to Strike in New

Spider-Man 2099 Poised to Strike in New "Superior Spider-Man" Variant

Marvel has released a new variant cover by J.G. Jones, featuring Spider-Man 2099 poised to strike against the "Superior Spider-Man" in issue #18. The futuristic Spidey arrives in the present September 18.

UPDATED PREVIEW: Spider-Man 2099 Makes a Splash in

UPDATED PREVIEW: Spider-Man 2099 Makes a Splash in "Superior Spider-Man" #17

UPDATED with colored pages. Spider-Man 2099 travels to the present this fall, and Marvel has released Ryan Stegman-illustrated pages of the character's entrance in September's "Superior Spider-Man" #17.

SDCC: Slott's

SDCC: Slott's "Superior Spider-Man" Faces his "Darkest Hours"

CBR News spoke with "Superior Spider-Man" writer Dan Slott about "Darkest Hours," a new arc beginning in November that puts the eponymous hero face to face with Flash Thompson AKA Venom.

Stegman Takes

Stegman Takes "Superior Spider-Man" Underground and Into the Future

CBR News spoke with "Superior Spider-Man" artist Ryan Stegman about bringing the subterranean world of the Goblin King to life in issue #10, the upcoming series arc featuring Spider-Man 2099 & more.

Comic Book Legends Revealed: Sam Jackson's Nick Fury & Spider-Man 2099

Comic Book Legends Revealed: Sam Jackson's Nick Fury & Spider-Man 2099

This week, learn the history of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury! Plus, what accidental hint during Spider Island did Marvel give towards the return of Spider-Man 2099?

C2E2: Marvel's Superior Spider-Man

C2E2: Marvel's Superior Spider-Man

Marvel's Chicago Spider-Man crew took the stage to discuss Doc Ock's control of "Superior Spider-Man," Spidey 2099 and more with Ryan Stegman, Mark Waid and a phone call from Dan Slott.

C2E2 EXCL: Slott & Stegman's

C2E2 EXCL: Slott & Stegman's "Superior Spider-Man" Parties Like it's 2099

Writer Dan Slott and artist Ryan Stegman spoke with CBR about "Superior Spider-Man" #17, which brings the title character face to face with Miguel O'Hara, better known as Spider-Man 2099.

C2E2: New Books Make Waves At Diamond Summit

C2E2: New Books Make Waves At Diamond Summit

Final plans for Mignola & Fegredo's Hellboy GN, an "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" event, Spider-Man 2099 returns, the end of "Locke & Key," "Rocky & Bullwinkle" comics and an "Infinite Crisis" game hit at the pre-C2E2 event.

WC13: Dan Slott Steps Into The 'Slottlight'

WC13: Dan Slott Steps Into The 'Slottlight'

Fans laugh along with writer Dan Slott as he discussed his career, what's up next for "Superior Spider-Man" books and an upcoming appearance by Spider-Man 2099.

Slott Teases Spider-Man 2099 For

Slott Teases Spider-Man 2099 For "Superior Spider-Man"

Following rumors that Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099, would be the star of "Superior Spider-Man," series writer Dan Slott confirms the character will appear in the newly-launched Marvel NOW! book.

CCI: Hands-On with

CCI: Hands-On with "Spider-Man: Edge of Time"

Spider-Man 2099 and the Amazing Spider-Man took part in the action at Activision's Comic-Con International booth this year, and CBR News has hands-on impressions of both.

Kilmer Joins

Kilmer Joins "Spider-Man: Edge of Time"

The star of "Tombstone," "Real Genius" and "Batman Forever," Val Kilmer joins the voice cast of Activision's "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" to play the evil Walker Sloan.

Creating Spidey's

Creating Spidey's "Edge of Time"

CBR News spoke with Activision Associate Producer Dennis Bernardo about the upcoming "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" video game, the challenges of creating dual-timeline gameplay and all things web-slinger.

Spider-Man Reaches the

Spider-Man Reaches the "Edge of Time"

"Spider-Man: Edge of Time's" playable character list is half that of "Shattered Dimensions" but should more than make up for it through a Peter David scripted story, fun gameplay and the expected Spidey heroics.

E3 Trailer for

E3 Trailer for "Spider-Man: Edge of Time"

Activision and Beenox have released the E3 trailer and screencaps from "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" featuring gameplay footage and cut scenes from the Peter David-written video game.

Cup o' Video w/ Joe Quesada: Spider-Man 2099,

Cup o' Video w/ Joe Quesada: Spider-Man 2099, "30 Rock" & more

Joe Quesada returns for another Cup O'Video to answer fan questions on the fate of the Ultimate Universe post-Death of Spider-Man to the possibility of new Spider-Man 2099 comics. Plus, a post-credits blooper and more!

WC11: Spider-Man: Edge of Time Panel

WC11: Spider-Man: Edge of Time Panel

Everyone's favorite webslinger returns to video games this fall, and the crew working on his adventure, including writer Peter David and the 'voice' of Peter Parker, Josh Keaton, converged on WonderCon to talk details.


WC11: "Spider-Man: Edge of Time" Demo

The Amazing Spider-Man and Spiderman 2099 collide in a Peter David-penned story for the Beenox-developed, Activision-published "Spider-Man: Edge of Time".

Activision Takes Spider-Man to the

Activision Takes Spider-Man to the "Edge of Time"

Activision and Marvel have announced "Spider-Man: Edge of Time," a new Peter David-scripted game in which players will take on the persona of Peter Parker's alter ego and his 2099 counterpart.

"Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" 2099 Trailer

Activision has released the E3 trailer for their upcoming "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" video game, revealing Marvel's 2099 universe as the newest dimension for gamers to explore and play!

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