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SPIDER-MANDATE: The Lowe-down on

SPIDER-MANDATE: The Lowe-down on "Secret Wars," Tie-Ins and Stacey Lee

Spider-editor Nick Lowe discusses all things "Secret Wars," the new Spider books and creative teams and everything else wall-crawler.

Conway's Return Sends

Conway's Return Sends "Amazing Spider-Man" Into an Underworld "Spiral"

Legendary writer Gerry Conway discussed his return to "Amazing Spider-Man" in March with "Spiral," a story that finds Spidey trying to stop a brewing mob war.

Gerry Conway Returns to

Gerry Conway Returns to "Amazing Spider-Man" in March

Legendary writer Gerry Conway is set to return to "Amazing Spider-Man" in March for the five-part "Spiral" arc, illustrated by Carlo Barberi.

Misfits and Outsiders Form Humphries'

Misfits and Outsiders Form Humphries' "Uncanny X-Force"

With the first volume of "Uncanny X-Force" concluded, CBR spoke with incoming writer Sam Humphries about how Rick Remender's run will impact his run this January as part of Marvel NOW!