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Gage Is Ready For

Gage Is Ready For "Invaders Now!"

This September, co-writers Alex Ross and Christos Gage and artist Caio Reiss kick off "Invaders Now!" which finds the titular WWII team reassembling to combat a present day threat. We spoke with Gage about the project.

Last Week's Comics Reviewed

Last Week's Comics Reviewed

Last week, CBR's review staff looked at over twenty new comics, including "Sweet Tooth" #12, "Spitfire" #1 and gave 4-star reviews to "IZombie" #4, "Secret Six" #24 and "Supergod" #4.

Cornell Plots

Cornell Plots "Spitfire" a Bloody Good Time in NYC

In August's "Spitfire" one-shot, writer Paul Cornell sends the titular character and Blade, her lover and MI-13 teammate, to the streets of NYC on a secret mission for the British government.