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WC: The Dark Horse Panel

WC: The Dark Horse Panel

Director of publicity Jeremy Atkins and editor Shawna Gore spoke with WonderCon attendees about what's coming up at Dark Horse with Star Wars, future webcomic collections, movie adaptations and more.

NYCC: Colin Wilson Readies the Troops for âStar Wars: Invasionâ

NYCC: Colin Wilson Readies the Troops for “Star Wars: Invasion”

Aussie artist Colin Wilson brings the villainous Yuuzhan Vong to life in the pages of Dark Horse’s latest Lucasfilm series “Star Wars: Invasion.” And he gets to draw an aged Luke Skywalker too.

NYCC: Tom Taylor Leads âStar Wars: Invasionâ

NYCC: Tom Taylor Leads “Star Wars: Invasion”

Award-winning Australian playwright Tom Taylor, a fresh face to American comics, is writing the new ongoing “Star Wars: Invasion” series for Dark Horse Comics. CBR News spoke with him about his dream project.