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Stradley Strategizes Dark Horse's

Stradley Strategizes Dark Horse's "Star Wars" Empire

Randy Stradley, Dark Horse Comics' Vice President of Publishing, shared exciting news on forthcoming Star Wars plans, teasing a "huge" announcement and sharing exclusive looks at upcoming cover art.

Stradley's K'Kruhk a

Stradley's K'Kruhk a "Fire Carrier" in "Star Wars: Dark Times"

CBR News spoke with writer Randy Stradley about the new Dark Horse miniseries "Star Wars: Dark Times - Fire Carrier," hope in dark places and exploring a universe without limitations.


C2E2 EXCLUSIVE: "Star Wars: Dark Times" Strikes Back

At C2E2, Dark Horse announced the return of "Star Wars: Dark Times," set between Episodes III and IV. We spoke with Mick Harrison, Doug Wheatley and Randy Stradley about the August-debuting "Out of the Wilderness."