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3 More Heroes for the

3 More Heroes for the "Arrow"/"Flash" Spinoff

With more unannounced superheroes expected to join the in-development series, here's a list of who we want to see suit up.

ROLL CALL: Female DC Heroes Ready for Hollywood

ROLL CALL: Female DC Heroes Ready for Hollywood

With DC Entertainment's Diane Nelson expressing a desire to see more female heroes on-screen, CBR looks at who's ready to make the leap.

Kindt Turns

Kindt Turns "Justice League of America" Into a Martian Manhunter/Stargirl Team-Up

In a "Forever Evil" tie-in, Matt Kindt teams with Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy for a "JLA" arc featuring Martian Manhunter and Stargirl on the run from the Secret Society with secrets to be revealed.

David Finch Brings Character To

David Finch Brings Character To "Justice League of America"

With the series finally on the stands, "Justice League of America" artist David Finch explains why characters from Martian Manhunter to Stargirl make his work with Geoff Johns different from anything he's ever done.

Geoff Johns Remakes

Geoff Johns Remakes "Justice League of America"

DC Comics CCO Geoff Johns spoke with CBR News about his plans to build up everyone from "one-man Illuminati" Martian Manhunter to potentially powerful Vibe in his and David Finch's "Justice League of America."

David Finch Enlists with

David Finch Enlists with "Justice League of America"

David Finch spoke with CBR about leaving "The Dark Knight" for the brighter world of "Justice League of America," working with Geoff Johns on developing characters like Stargirl and Vibe and the new approach to his art.